Today is June 14, 2021
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straight female age: 65
Member since 02/21/2003

♥ Net-Nookii's Nook ♥
Number of entries: 1590
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FOLLOW ME @ Vic & Candy Down on Da Farm JOURNAL All I ask is that you please observe the "NO LETTING GO" sign, Cuz I'll never let go !
The Agony & Ecstasy Of It all
Number of entries: 200
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Once where promises were made stands a lover waiting with a broken heart. All I ask the grim reaper of love is this. Let my words fall from my lips into the hearts of those who read me. Always In Your Heart Candyrain
Candy's Journey
Number of entries: 695
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Candy & Vic have gone country, Vic's Lost N Space, while Candy's like Alice N Wonderment.

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