Today is May 22, 2019
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straight female age: 62
Member since 08/21/2003

Mother to an Army Soldier being Deployed
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My son joined the Army and is being Deployed overseas. I thought it would be good for me to start a journal of my feelings, fears, etc and other Mothers might share their thoughts. Please Come Inside and Share in the Forum!
Diet, Exercise, and Smoking
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Weighed my self today & I really need to loose weight, so I thought I would start a journal keeping track of my progress & write down if I exercise. Plus keep track of the amount of cigarettes I smoke each day & maybe eventually quit smoking.
Friends, Animals, Life .. Love ...
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Friends .. how many are Real True Friends? Online Friends are they Real? Animals .. a Man's ( Females) Best Friend (s)! Life, ..Love ..Meeting my husband on an Online Dating site..etc...

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