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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
June 2016
1The War Between Consciousness And Nature
3Tony Robbins And The Illuminoids......
6I would Not Want To Share The Stage With This Guy!
7Hillary And Capitalism Are No Answer.....
9Hillary Election Fraud HUGE Lawsuits Filed
12Poem Of Weird Alien Dream I Had 2003 C.E.
13Archived Article On Theodicy
14The Ontological Nescience
16One Of The Weirdest You Tubes I Have Ever Encountered......
20Before You Vote For Hillary Clinton READ THIS!!!
21Aeonic Eschatology Requires New Catagories......
22Money Is God
26Reflections On Euthanasia
28Maybe Not......

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Zord's Underground Archive
by Zord

The latest entry is April 7, 2017

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