Today is February 28, 2021
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The Unwritten. by Amanda22Jane
September 2020
1After A While.
2Microstories: Mark Of The Beast. (Parts I, II, III.)
3The Fourth Code. (Part III.)
4The Fourth Code (Part II.)
5Daybreak. (Part II.)
6The Cloud Swallower.

January 2021
November 2020
September 2020

The Unwritten.
by Amanda22Jane

The latest entry is January 18, 2021

I remind myself that not all is finished until it is finished. And that's what this journal is created for.

Everything that appears here has been left lying unfinished in two other journals : Life's A Script and Opensource2. Both of which are closed for printing and closed permanently. They will be reappearing elsewhere in a publication at a later date.

Everything, that is, with the exception of the opening poem.
That poem is accredited to the author :

♡Veronica A. Shoffstall.

A WARNING: I pray for protection over my work that I share out of the goodness of my heart. Do not steal my work. Keep your fucken hands off it. I believe in karmic action, especially when you don't.
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