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January 2017

Pool time
January 26, 2017

Something she wrote with me ... hope you like it ....

After breakfast they stepped out onto the patio. The weekend getaway in the hill country had been her idea, and now he was glad he had agreed. The view was gorgeous, as they stood hand in hand looking out over the pool, the white limestone of the hills in dark contrast to the dark green of the oaks and the dusty gray of the sage. Views were not his thing, but standing there with their arms around each other was just what he needed. The touch of her silk night gown against his bare skin, the fresh country air, and her warm breath upon his neck .... all those things reached his inner senses and he could feel the blood rush into his cock once more. He kissed her on the lips, and walked backward, down the steps into the pool, stroking himself as he went into the water. Her mouth parted slightly, biting her lower lip, as she reached between her legs and felt the tingle of her clit springing to life. A soft moan escaped her lips as the longing flooded her body with desire, her hand firmly grasping the moistness of her pussy, one finger buried deep inside.

She felt his eyes upon her as she withdrew her finger giving its lick as tho her favorite lolly pop. Stepping gingerly down the few steps into the cool water she felt her nipples harden and long to feel his warm breath and tongue upon them

Oh how he wished those were his lips upon her finger. He could see her nipples peaking through the night gown, aching for his touch. He watched in anticipation, as the water reached the material of her gown, making it rise above her thighs while hiding them with soft ripples. He waited, holding his breath, as the material clung to her body, the wetness of the cool water washing over her tits, revealing her hard nipples against the thinness of her gown. He moves toward her, one hand extended, beckoning her to him ...

She reaches out her slender left arm hoping he doesn't pull her out into the deep waters . Their eyes meet.. He senses her fears and takes a few steps closer to her . She sighs trusting him totally as she feels his right hand on her ass pulling her closer to himself. Her pussy pulsating in anticipation of his touch. He rubs her hard nipples between his fingers ..

She feels the tingling of her pussy as his hard cock slightly brushes against her wet gown ..

How pulls her in, one hand on her ass, his other hand firmly around his cock, guiding it between her legs. She arches her back in anticipation of his touch, hips thrust forward, reaching, wanting, aching for the touch of his hand ... gasping as his cock brushes the fullness of her lips, lightly brushing her clit ..

She turns, bending over, reaching down to guide him in ... Into her longing pussy she can hardly stand the wait... The longing insider her is more than she can stand ... She wiggles and moves upwards her gown floating to the waters surface .... Her hand guiding his hard cock into her pussy her fingers playing with his balls tickling them playfully ...

He thrusts deep inside her, feeling the hotness of her wetness against the coolness of the pool water. He holds her legs open, cock buried deep inside her pussy, her body weightless in the water, as he pumps her up and down on his hard cock, feeling the tightness as she reaches for the sweet release of cumming ...

She mashes against his body feeling the weightlessness in the water milking his cock as hard as she can squeezing with all that is within her power to do so ..... She kisses the water from his face following the contour of his cheek to his luscious lips .... Their tongues doing a dance of their own in each other's mouths all while the up and down motions of their bodies cause waves to slap at their bodies ..

Is this what my baby girl wants? He asks ... my hard cock buried deep inside her pussy?

She moans in ecstasy yes yes yes ...

She wraps both legs tight around his body as if to never let this moment end. Her kisses are fervent on top of his balding smooth head ... She has to squeal out in passionate soft screams as she climaxes not once ,twice but at least three times ...

He holds her tight, her legs kicking back and forth as her body trembles in her own release. His arms cradle her waist as she leans on his shoulder. He waits until her body relaxes, her breath soft against his face, and slowly pulls out, her cum juices mixed with his, gushing out of her pussy into the coolness of the pool ...

"Beautifully Broken"
by desperado
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