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January 2007

The Parting
January 7, 2007

In the harsh glow of the lights he gently touches her face. As he kisses her lips, a tear slides down her cheek and he brushes it away with his thumb. He knows what she is thinking. She had worried that if this tryst was ever to happen, that he wouldn't really want her. He always assured her that he did. He loves her so much. He looks into her eyes for some clue that she feels the same way and sees it through the sadness.

His fingers trace her face. He tries to memorize every curve. She tries hard to keep the sadness from showing in her eyes. How can she let this man walk away? She slides her hand to his cheek and lightly kisses his lips, the feel of his hands on her skin already burning a place in her memory. It breaks her heart to let this man go. They both knew how this would end. They had discussed it so many times, but neither had expected this meeting to be so sensual, so fulfilling.

"I will ALWAYS love you." He sees the pain in her eyes.

She glances up at him and sees softness in his face, a pained look in his eyes and immediately knows that she will always love him too. Love like this cannot be faked. She thinks realistically what can really come of their love, even if the distance could be overcome. Not to mention the circumstances of their lives. Their eyes and hearts are speaking volumes.

She stands on her toes and wraps her arms around his neck. Tilting up her head, she leans in for a last kiss. As their lips meet, the world stands still. She's breathing the last breath of life from the man she loves with all her heart. She will never forget this trip, this kiss or him. He is thinking the same thing. Everything they have shared flashes before them during that last kiss. Their hearts will ache for a while.

She does not open her eyes, a tear forms and began its decent. Shaking, he reaches forward and catches this lone crystal drop that symbolises the end. The tear glistens on his finger as he brings it to his lips, and with a final kiss, he tastes her sweetness. She knows she will hunger forever for the taste of their love. Reaching up to his face she touches a tear.

She walks through the arch, looking back at least a dozen times. He is just standing there watching her. She fights the urge to run back to him but just keeps watching for him as she shows her ticket. She stops by the partition and looks for him. He sees her and moves forward. She places her hand against the glass. He places his hand back and they have one last touch, separated by glass.

"I love you," she mouths, so he can read her lips.

"I love you too," he mouths back.
Nothing Risque` ...... Nothing Gained
by Licentious
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"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."

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