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July 2008
2Greyhound in need of a good home.
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Greyhound in need of a good home.
July 2, 2008

Just wanted to get this out for anyone in the Miami area:

Orbit needs a new home please check out his myspace:


From Friends of Greyhounds:


Orbit's Story:

Let me tell you more about Orbit.

Hurcan Washill (Orbit) arrived at the kennel with his brothers Hurcan Country (called Freedent) and Hurcan Creek (called Chicklet). Somewhere out there he has three other siblings, Hurcan Hound (Black male) , Hurcan Princess (Black female) and Hurcan Redskins (Brindle male). The whole litter was born December 11, 2002 and they had all been given chewing gum nicknames. Freedent has been in his home for several years. Chicklet is a gorgeous boy but high spirited and doesn’t like to be alone. After a couple of false starts, he found a big family with a big yard and and big hearts and has been settled in for quite some time.

Orbit was adopted to a nice family and we thought he was settled but almost a year later, we were called to pick him up. The nice family had become an house way overrun with people and relatives. Orbit had been kept either on a screen porch (without air conditioning – a greyhound no-no!) or intemittently tied to a tree in the front yard (AAARRRGGGGHHHH!) We saw the conditions and were grateful to get him out. That was followed by a long spell in the kennel. Any rescuer will tell you - black dogs are hard to adopt. We started our Superstar program to spotlight the dogs who had been with us long term, especially Orbit. Finally, Orbit got what looked like a good home. He was a good boy and they loved him but within a couple weeks, the dad developed allergies and Orbit had to be brought back. Their son still volunteers with our group and they all miss him. So although he originally came to us in December of 2004, he has had some chances at a home. He just hasn’t found the right one yet. But you know what they say, “the third time’s the charm!”.

To help Orbit be noticed, some of the volunteers are working to get him to do some un-greyhound-like tricks. Jerry used hot dog slices and taught Orbit to sit. Now he sits and will lie down from the sit position. Please also note that because much of our kennel help speaks Spanish, Orbit is fully bi-lingual. And he’s trick bilingual too. If you tell him in English to “down”, he sits first and then goes down.

But if you tell him in Spanish, he goes straight down and skips the sitting! His Spanish teacher didn’t start working with him until he had the sit part done!

Orbit is gentle and sweet and deserves to get out of that kennel. Whatever we can do to make that happen – including creating my space pages – we want to do to get him into a forever home. He’s five years old. He’s lived in a two homes so he knows how good that can be. He hasn’t done anything wrong and deserves a better life than this adoption kennel. Please help him find a great home.


I am happy to once again have quiet in the house add to that they will be back on Monday to finish up the few things left on phase one of this long project.

I am like WTF just finish already but he told me he is almost done here and has been putting another job on hold, so it is what it is I guess besides C is looking toward 4 days of peace and quiet. He has Thursday off due to the holiday.

OK cool he can have a quiet and relaxing long weekend.


Finally after having to get a lawyer involved we can close the foundation claim with our lame ass home owners insurance company we picked up the check this morning and quickly deposited that sucker.


Now we fight for the kitchen claim. Our adjuster told us they are being dicks again, so we dance the dance. He told us we should have been aware of the leak in the kitchen to begin with well last I checked none of us here has x-ray vision to see through the fucking walls.
The pipe that busted was behind the concrete wall you stupid mother fuckers.


I needed to let that out big time oh feels good.

OK enough for the next few days I just want to see what we can get done around here eh if anything at all so far we have stayed home for all the construction not all that sure we will be able to do so in phase two.

OH yeah getting back on track simply put eh I think R&R is what is needed. Oh my I have not even had a chance to pick up my book and read oh I miss that indeed. I want to be with C and just enjoy the hell out of each other the stress has been a pain in both our asses.

We need some stress relief and fast .... *wink*

I am gonna roam around on line for a wee bit longer as I wait for C to get home so we can have dinner and watch SYTYCD together.
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