Whatever I Want! by Mystic Angel
March 2010
1Mac Viva Glam with Lady Gaga, Cyndi Lauper and Sharon Osbourne
3Amber Alert issued for girl, 4, from Gary, Indiana
5Friday/Construction Begins on "True Colors,"NYC First Permanent Housing for Homeless L
6 ~ Kiss mentions Lady Gaga ~/ Gaga In Wonderland
12Lesbian teen back at school after prom flap
13They live/Stressful day
14We wait & wait & wait........
15Still in the hospital
16Home Sweet Home
17Happy Birthday Kiddo
18Lady Gaga Goes to the Dogs
19Survey I am killing time bam bam
21Making it a slackers day
25Florida Teachers Against Pay-For-Performance Salary/ Pay Scales:
26Nice Time Today
27Turkey Vultures Getting a Meal.
28Tell the Florida House: Stop SB 6/HB 7189
29Felt like a tropical storm today/Florida loses out on $1 billion bid race top education.
31Loki Update ..........
They live/Stressful day
March 13, 2010

Oh shit gag me now with a spoon.

I am talking with my mom and while she was out with M yesterday at

Shit I will finish this later Loki has just screamed bloody murder.


OK Loki first:

I took him to the vet to get his tail re-bandaged that in itself is a long ass story that still pisses me the fuck off anyways we get home I take him for his potty break outside, we come in he gets his water, and he walks to the back door. I take Julie out with Loki all good we all come back in they both go to their beds as per usual.

I call up mom as we talk I hear one of the dogs whimpering. Look over not Julie it was Loki I panic.

I tell mom and hang up. Call up the vet let him know I am on the way. Our vet is just awesome anyways I yell for Sam to help me. Loki was in so much pain and my boy weighs 70 pounds. We managed to get him to the car thank the universe the vet was waiting with a stretcher for him.

More x-rays not the cancer spreading whew looks like Loki sprained his elbow. He is still in the hospital all bandaged up on medication. The vet told us he ate very well and to call any time tonight. We should be picking him up tomorrow morning. We hope.

OK mom:

Mom was out with M in some mall and as they were getting into their car who do they see none other than my asshole son of a bitch brother and his cunt of wife.

Not a face to face thing though which I am glad for after all the shit they have pulled. I was surprised when mom told me she felt indifferent when in the past she has cried her eyes out. She is willing to accept him back into her life as for me um no fucking way. As far as I am concerned I am an only child.

I am disconnecting from it all right now at least I will try to starting with playing a mindless pc game.
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