Whatever I Want! by Mystic Angel
March 2010
1Mac Viva Glam with Lady Gaga, Cyndi Lauper and Sharon Osbourne
3Amber Alert issued for girl, 4, from Gary, Indiana
5Friday/Construction Begins on "True Colors,"NYC First Permanent Housing for Homeless L
6 ~ Kiss mentions Lady Gaga ~/ Gaga In Wonderland
12Lesbian teen back at school after prom flap
13They live/Stressful day
14We wait & wait & wait........
15Still in the hospital
16Home Sweet Home
17Happy Birthday Kiddo
18Lady Gaga Goes to the Dogs
19Survey I am killing time bam bam
21Making it a slackers day
25Florida Teachers Against Pay-For-Performance Salary/ Pay Scales:
26Nice Time Today
27Turkey Vultures Getting a Meal.
28Tell the Florida House: Stop SB 6/HB 7189
29Felt like a tropical storm today/Florida loses out on $1 billion bid race top education.
31Loki Update ..........
Home Sweet Home
March 16, 2010


We are all set to get Loki back home when Julie gets a pinch nerve on her neck, so yep had to take her in this morning.

Julie had the same injury I think in 2008 anyways it is back of course. I had to wake up S to help me since I can not take both injured dogs in my car.

I am glad to say the vet bill did not scare me into passing out lol .... as we expected it would.

I have to LMFAO at one of S's request to me this morning. I love her but she is fucking crazy.

Her request to us is:

To allow her the use of our Gold AE card our balance is ZERO to a total of $800.00.

S is still on unemployment trying to get a job oh hell she has one more year left on her dad's health insurance and her BD is tomorrow. The damn clock is a clicking and fast.


Oh yeah she wants the money to get her ass to NJ with a friend that she will be loaning money to OUR FUCKING MONEY! to purchase damn meet and greet tickets to Lady Gaga.


Obsessive much!

I had to hold back from laughing really and asking her. What color is the sky in your world? Really now no way this is a gonna happen.

When I told C tonight OMFG the look on his face.


So S will be getting a BIG FAT NO from us both meh I will tell her after her BD though one that I may add she has milked like there is no tomorrow "celebrating" with her friends.

I know things are tough to get a job plus she deals with fibromyalgia but give me a fucking break. C works too damn hard for us and I appreciate that so VERY much plus by him doing so I can run our pet sitting business.

It is what it is she will have to deal.

Almost time to take the dogs out for a last potty run. With Loki we have to be really careful due to his legs. C may have to build a ramp for him so he can go back using the yard. The three steps that lead out are too damn big and we are scared he can re-injure his legs.

We are still pet sitting for Lucas in house he goes home on Friday. I love him but in a way I really want him to go home just adds to our stress since we need to keep the dogs apart due to our babies being injured. Again need to keep them from more hurt.

I also want to see if I can get to my book tonight before I go to bed.


I also want to see if I can get to my book tonight before I go to bed. Indeed the next door neighbors put the house up for rent using a realtor this time. Crap now to see who moves in damn well being that Miami is number one when it comes to the worst place for realty plus the house across the street took months before it got rented. I am hoping it stays vacant for a long ass time.

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