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December 2001
1One more time
2New Journal URLs!!!
7Pictures, anyone?
14Reminder about copied materials
30The Google search box is back...

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One more time
December 1, 2001

If you heard a loud groan emanating from the west coast a couple of days ago, it was probably just me discovering that we STILL didn't get Google to properly index all the entries in our journals. They only index the site once a month, so we only get one chance and then have to wait another month before we can try again. I really thought I had it right this time, but, alas, it still didn't work.

So now I have changed the format of the URL once again. If you look up in the Address box at the top of your browser, you'll see the new URL. This one has no question mark, just a series of text pieces separated by slashes. Supposedly, this is the foolproof way to get fully indexed by Google. It was a little trickier to implement than the others, but I decided it was time to make that last final effort.

Unfortunately, changing over to it didn't go as smoothly as I would have hoped. The website was down for about five minutes because I made a small mistake. Apologies to anyone who got a "Website not found" error.

As always, if you see any problems, especially in the next few days, please let me know right away. Perhaps the fastest way to get the message to me if something is truly broken is to send an email to me at

Now will everyone please keep their fingers crossed for the next month.


There's another positive outcome of this change, by the way. Soon we'll have a URL for your journal that will be much easier to remember. You'll even be able to type it when you are writing notes at other websites. This new format is made possible by the change made today, but it requires a bit more work. I hope to make the announcement about it real soon.
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