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December 2001
1One more time
2New Journal URLs!!!
7Pictures, anyone?
14Reminder about copied materials
30The Google search box is back...

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New Journal URLs!!!
December 2, 2001

Today I am happy to announce a new, simpler way to get to the entrance page of your journal. Take a look at these:

More than one word in your title? Just leave out the spaces, like this:

Punctuation? That's okay too:*Introspection*~

Capitalize it any way you want. Use any punctuation that your browser will accept. Just be sure to leave out the spaces:

You'll notice when you click on a journal from the "Most Recently Written" list on the homepage, the system will use a name created by removing all punctuation and spaces and putting it in all lower case. But you don't have to restrict yourself so much when you post your journal address on other websites.

Now you don't have to try to remember the complicated syntax that it used to have (and that changed every month as I kept trying to get Google to index us). Just remember the name of your journal and you've got it.

Let's all go nuts posting links to our journals all over the web, okay?

Here's an idea. Every time you see a guestbook, write something relevant and then invite people to your journal. Every time you do this, it will help draw people into our community.

Let me close with a little HTML lesson. It will help a lot if you simply type the URL to your journal as described above. However, if you can remember "a href=" then you can turn it into a link and make it all that much easier for people to come to your journal. Just type it this way:

<a href=></a>

Just don't forget the </a> at the end. And yes you type the URL twice because the first is where they go when they click (which is invisible on the site) and the second is the part that they do see.

But don't be confused by my little lesson. If all you can do is type then do that. And do it everywhere you go!

I hope you like it.

Happy journaling!

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