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The Long Road Back by TheLongRoadBack
September 2007
2The Oddity
5A few things to remember .......
7A Day of Reflection
13Minor Setback
18One liners
24Out Of Town
27A Week's Worth of Notes

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September 9, 2007

My letter of intention in regard to retirement is in the mail. It was a mental battle. But, I did what's right.

I also emailed my boss, his boss and the HR manager, so they at least heard "it" from me and not an HR representative.

I will email my contemporaries tomorrow morning, AFTER I'm fairly certain the bosses have had time to read and react to my note. (Rumor control, to a degree)

Another home improvement project is about done ..... my "new" den looks nice and I'm happy with the outcome. Still need to find some art work, but that will come in time.

Emotionally, it's been a tough weekend for me. I'm not 100% sure why, but I know I've been thinking A LOT about Tuesday, which is the anniversary of 2 important events that have touched me. The first is that it's 9/11 .... 6 years and it seems like yesterday. Very tragic and I'll NEVER forget that day, that entire week is permanently etched in my memory. The second is that it another "anniversary" in my rebirth. I watch each one, I remember each one, I count the days. I'm not a religious person, but I give thanks every day to the BIG GUY for letting me live.

In a 2 week period, I "died" over ONE HUNDRED times, and he gave the people that saved me the knowledge and the strength to do the job. Even though it would have been easy at any time to just let it all end, it didn't. I realized soon after these hundred times that I have LOTS to live for, LOTS I haven't accomplished and that HE apparently wants me to accomplish. The other thing that still amazes me is that people I barely knew came to my side and prayed, cried, held me, touched me ....... I have heard the stories, I have the read the cards and emails they sent. It blew me away that there were so many people that loved me, for what I was. And, I've never been a saint.

It has dawned on me over the weekend that maybe it takes the threat of death for people's love to show through. I need to change EXACTLY that about myself IMMEDIATELY and work on it every day.

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