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The Long Road Back by TheLongRoadBack
December 2007
7Life Continues
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15Great Trip
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25The Tears of Christmas
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December 5, 2007

Over the past few days a few things have come up, either real or imagined, that I need to ponder for a while and then decide what to do, if anything.

The first has to do with my brother. He & I are NOT at odds about anything, but apparently he's got something to do with an issue I'm pondering. He does have an issue with Mom, for some unknown reason. Admittedly, he's the "odd duck" in the family. Kinda looks like "Tiny Tim", is a recluse, writes (foul) graffiti on his OWN house (which is an upscale neighborhood).

Here's my issue - recently another family member was sitting with my wife & myself and asked if we had any idea what my brother's problem was with Mom ...... of course we didn't. But, then this person asked if it was about "the pictures taken at the hospital", to which my wife replied "we don't talk about those" ........ I acted like I didn't hear or wasn't paying attention to what was being said, but if there are pictures of anyone while they were in the hospital it would be of me. I was told he visited me a time or two while I was in the hospital, but those visits were when I was unconscious. If there are pictures of me hooked up to the machines, with a zillion tubes and wires attached to me, I'm pretty sure I NEVER want to see them. I'll ponder this a while, but will probably continue to act like it never happened.

Another interesting point of view ....... since I became sick, there have been some friends of mine that always have a reason for not having time to get together. (And I understand people can be very busy)

I've been trying to see some old friends from work and this one guy (who's also retired) has had a zillion excuses why he couldn't have lunch, etc ..... anyway, last night we ran into him. His first reaction was interesting to me and it was ...... "OMG, you look normal". "It's good to see you" So, we chatted for a while and later in the conversation he mentioned he was afraid to see me, because he thought I'd look "ghastly". This is not the first time I've heard this.

Maybe they saw the hospital pic's?

OK, I've dwelled on this stuff enough for today. Time to be productive.
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