Today is October 15, 2018
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The Long Road Back by TheLongRoadBack
July 2013
20Faithful Friend
23Dwell - Cherish & Worry ..... About the Wrong Things
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Dwell - Cherish & Worry ..... About the Wrong Things
July 23, 2013

“Don’t dwell on who let you down, cherish those who hold you up.”

~ Unknown

 photo Dwell-Cherish.jpg

Worry ..... About the Wrong Things

“You cannot be happy if you fill your mind with needless worries, keep your thoughts simple & peace & happiness will follow.”

Last week I wrote an entry (“MEMORY”) where I talked about my up coming high school reunion. I worried about my memory and would I know and/or recognize my old (pun intended) classmates.

I did worry a bit about my memory and in the end I gave in and knew I was simply going to go and have fun. As close to death as I came a little over 6 years ago around the time of my heart transplant, I was simply elated and filled with gratitude to have the opportunity to attend and test my memory and see people I hadn’t seen in over 4 decades. I had to thank God and my anonymous donor for simply giving me the opportunity to attend.

The day of the reunion started off like any other day. For me, it was a normal, happy morning as I exchanged a few emails and caught up on the news and sports from the previous day.

Then the phone rang …… sick ….. ambulance …… hospital …… prayers …. hurried …… long waits ….. tests performed ….. prayers ….. more waiting ….. stabilized ….. ICU …… Code Blue ….. running nurses …… frantic doctors …… then, about seven hours after the saga began with one simple phone call, it ended ….. sadly. A room of tears, of sobbing, of sadness.

Self reflection later revealed that how silly my worries were. I was worried about the wrong things. I shouldn’t worry about any potential limitations I might believe I have, I should be worried about my family …. and my friends. Everything else is needless worry.

In my case, a little dose of humility does the soul good.

To my classmates …. in 5 years, God willing, I challenge you to test my memory … because I plan on ATTENDING the next reunion and I will NOT worry beforehand! I might not recognize YOU, but that’s OK too …. as I told a good friend last week it’s been so long since I’ve seen many of you that the reunion is like going on a blind date with a couple hundred people at once.

I wish you good health and I will see you in 2018!!!

Worry photo Worry.jpg
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