Today is August 18, 2018
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The Long Road Back by TheLongRoadBack
July 2015
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283,000 Days ~ An Untold Story // Kind Gesture
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3,000 Days ~ An Untold Story // Kind Gesture
July 28, 2015

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

~ Maya Angelou

 photo untold-stories.png

We all have a story … or stories. No matter how long or short we have lived, no matter what we have done we all have a story. The good and the bad moments of our lives are our stories.

My story could easily could have ended during those fateful days of April and May back in 2007. My life was swirling around the drain as I rapidly neared death with each of over a hundred “Code Blues” that were called. My story was rapidly coming to an end as my heart function dropped faster than any law of gravity.

I was dying!

But then a miracle!

3,000 days ago today, God reached down and touched me and changed the direction of my story of my life. 3,000 days ago today the heart I was born with was removed and replaced with someone else’s heart. It was an event that has left me filled with GRATITUDE and I’m in AWE each and every day.

Each and every day is important, and part of our story.

I am filled with never-ending GRATEFULNESS and celebrate each and every day while thanking God and thinking of my donor.

I can still tell my story, I’ve added 3,000 days of moments, both good and bad since the miracle was given to me …. but there is a story inside me that I can’t tell. It’s the untold story of the heart that beats inside my chest. It is the story of my anonymous donor.

If I knew the story of my anonymous donor I would tell it …. sing it ….. scream it from the rooftops, because it is a story that needs told.

Because my of donor’s story …… I am alive!

I am THANKFUL to God for all the moments … the stories …. and the BLESSINGS!!

My donor’s untold story continues within me.

 photo 3000 days.jpg


“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”

~ Steve Maraboli

 photo Kind Gesture.jpg

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