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Taking it From the TOP by WriteItOnMyHeart
March 2012
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Limitations? Only In My Own Mind...
March 2, 2012

Finding my way in the Universe sometimes is a journey of many twists and turns. One day I will be so sure that I have things figured out, that I know just where I am going, where I've been, and where I am in the here and now. But oftentimes, reality is a hard surface to land on and I find myself feeling bruised and shaken from the fall to reality. And then moments later--a piercing thought of such beauty and awareness seeps in and I realize that once again, I HAVE FULL CONTROL OF MY OWN REALITY!!!! This is such a key fact, an element that I so much need to always remember and hang onto. No one on this earth, in this life or even in the lives to come can control my destiny, my reality. I am the sole PILOT.

"There are no limitations in what you can do...Except...the limitations of your own mind." --so aptly spoken and so true to the teachings that I have been following these past many years. Our thoughts, our vibrations, our attitudes all shape our here and now. But so too, our very thoughts can most definitely shape our future, as well.

Believing that you are truly blessed is the first step to finding inner happiness and strength. Allowing your heart to swell with the gratitude for the blessings that enhance and encompass your life now will make room for your abundance and your blessings to multiply and grow. Focusing on the good, on all that is wonderful, on all that makes you feel safe, content, loved, appreciated and real will most certainly allow you to open up to all the wonders and beauty and abundance that is waiting only for your acceptance. The Universe hears and listens with an openness--ready to grant each of us that which we truly seek, that which we truly desire.

I realize now that I must truly align with the positive light that lives within me and whenever the doubts, the fears begin to seep in--I must turn to my inner light and focus and believe that all will be just as it should. I realize too that my future is within my own power--that all I need to do is focus on what I want to unfold in my life and to believe that it will be so. I realize that this love that envelopes my heart, that bursts forth and seeks to discover and find those who truly accept and appreciate the warmth and love I have to give is good and real and true.

No longer do I need to worry or fear that my life is going no where, that what is happening in the here and now is wrong in any way. Each moment of every day is a gift and a chance to begin anew--to create a reality that aligns with the inner light that shines within my heart and soul.

My best wishes, my loving vibes, my smiles and hugs all reach out to each of you! Have a great Weekend!

Pamela Wave
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"Choose to believe that something good can happen and is happening now. Your greatest power is to choose--choose happiness and abundance." -- Dr. Joseph Murphy

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