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Taking it From the TOP by WriteItOnMyHeart
May 2012
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Am I getting THAT old?????????? EEK!
May 14, 2012

Today was one of those days...

One day last week I noticed an erroneous charge on my credit card statement online. I saw that there was a telephone number posted for the "supposed" merchant, so I immediately tried calling the number, thinking that the merchant could explain to me what this charge was about. Mind you, it was a minor amount, only $7.00, so I figured it must be some sort of mistake...

I dial the number and all I get is the recording that the number is no longer working and immediately the red flags popped up in my mind. Hmmm...a charge and the phone number listed is no longer a working I call my bank and ask them if they know anything about this charge or this merchant listed on my statement. They too call the number and get the same recording that the number has been disconnected and is no longer working. The customer service rep at my bank suggested that perhaps it is some unsavory character attempting to hijack my credit card number and using it for a "small charge" just to see if it goes through and if it does go through, then later hit my card with a much bigger purchase...the Customer service rep says the prudent thing to do would be to cancel my current card and let the bank re-issue a new card. Yes, my credit limit will remain intact and yes, my interest rates will stay the same and yes, my credit will still be in good standing. So...we do that and today I get my new card in the mail and go online to activate it. But I also notice that the offending $7.00 charge is STILL on my statement and hasn't been reversed or listed as "disputed" and so I spend a good 40 minutes on the phone with the bank trying to resolve this $7.00 charge. Finally they (the customer service reps) at my bank assure me that the charge will be listed as "disputed" and will be "backed off" from my credit card statement by Wednesday. I hang up feeling quite grateful to the understanding folks and sigh with relief.

Then a little while later, I'm online going through my utility companies that I have to pay each month and suddenly it HITS ME that the $7.00 charge finally makes sense!!! It's the charge for the "GARAGE SALE" permit I had to buy in order to hold my garage sale last weekend!!!!!!!!! Holy shit! And this time when I called the number, I did get a recorded voice mail message saying if I leave a message they will get back to me!!! I hung up hurriedly and redialed the number to my bank which holds my trusty old credit card and explained to them that I FINALLY figured out that the $7.00 charge was LEGITIMATE and that yes, I actually incurred that fee when I had my sale, etc, etc. OMG! I felt like such a fool Rolling Eyes, but my bank was extremely courteous and understanding and didn't even seem to bat an eye at my rickety memory...

The thing is, I seldom use my credit card--it's damn near at it's limit and I hate incurring charges on it, so I refuse to use it unless it's an emergency, etc. Well, when I went to get the garage sale permit, the lady with the permit services said that a credit card was all they could take since I waited so late to get the permit. I reluctantly used my credit card and then promptly forgot about it. Yes, I did print out a receipt online and posted it on the wall of my garage as PROOF that I had the legal permit, but totally forgot that I had charged the $7.00 fee to my card!

Now, in my defense, if the damn phone number had been legit that was listed for the gov't. services on my statement, I would have figured things out long before having to panic and call my credit card company. I tried that number no less than 3 times before I hit the PANIC button. And also, the bank tried calling the number too and got the same disconnected recording I had gotten, so I know I'm not totally crazy.

I guess the part that bothers me most is that I just totally FORGOT that I had used my credit card for that service fee...WTF?

Am I truly getting THAT OLD????????
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