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Taking it From the TOP by WriteItOnMyHeart
September 2012
2Words I needed to See and Hear Today (and always)
5Useful INFO Regarding Mysterious Car Noises and Smells...
13Bored? Go Flip a Wig or Two
26For Each of You (With Love)
27So much Pain--Where Do I Put It????

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Bored? Go Flip a Wig or Two
September 13, 2012

I've always heard the phrase, "She flipped her wig!!!" I still don't really know what that's supposed to really mean, but then again, at this place, I KIND of found out: Laughing

A Couple of weekends ago (or maybe three?) my sisters and I were a tad bored and trying to think of something fun to do. One of my younger sisters has been fussing about what a pain it is to have to deal with her hair every morning before work and we all came up with the idea to just go and check out wigs and see what wearing a wig would be like.

So off we go to the wig store (none of us had ever done this before and had NO IDEA what to expect). Imagine our surprise, when we walk through the door and this is what we see:


It was overwhelming and amazing and the ladies working there were very friendly and explained that there is a minimal fee to try on wigs (they charge one dollar to try four different ones). Heck, for a dollar, I'm in!!! We each paid our fee and then the fun began!

We had a blast, trying different looks and vamping our new "looks" for one another. We were all three laughing so hard our sides ached; some of the wigs looked FAR better on the dummy heads than they did on ours!!! Laughing

But my little sister who complained the loudest about having to fix her hair found the most perfect wig and when she put it on everyone in the wig store just stopped and stared and actually came up to tell her how adorably cute it was and how it complimented her face, etc. I'm not kidding, this wig took years off her appearance--instead of looking the 55 years that she is, it's like we were seeing a woman in her 30's again!!! My sister and I begged her to buy it and since it was made of synthetic hair, it wasn't very expensive, but it looks so REAL!!!!

And me? I found a long hair wig, (I had just recently cut my hair short) and when I put it on, my sisters and some of the folks in the store raved about it too, so what the heck, I bought it. It too was a synthetic wig, so wasn't awfully expensive.

My other sister couldn't find one she liked, but that's okay, just gives us an excuse to go back before long and have fun all over again.

Our boring day really turned out to be quite fun...the customers and employees at the wig store were all quite jovial and fun to be around, trying on the wigs was a great time, lots of laughs and imaginations could run wild with the different styles. So, if you are with your sisters, your gal friends (or even a boyfriend--one lady was there with her fella and they were having a grand time!) and run out of ideas for something fun, inexpensive and a little off beat to do...go try on some wigs. I never thought I'd buy one, but I love knowing that I can change my look any time I want now and the sisters and I are looking forward to a night out as our "alter egos" and having fun with our new looks. (And yes, we'll make sure our other sister takes the plunge and finds the perfect wig for her soon!)

Don't know if I'll ever truly "flip" my wig, but gonna love having fun wearing it!!! Yes

Life is Good. Yes Smile Smile Smile
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