Candy's Journey by Candyrain76
October 2020
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28Locked, Loaded & Ready
Locked, Loaded & Ready
October 28, 2020

Thinking back into the past from this present day can take me away from my writing here. With the Covid-19, home schooling and, the election being so close. But not to forget to make mention of Amy Barrett ! Of course as many would of thought she should of recused herself, there wasn't a chance in hell.

I understand fully that she is more than qualified for her position. However during this time that is so close to the change of power or not. I go back in time when they didn't roll with the idea back when President Obama was in office.

This Pick n Choose and Game Changer rules when ever they see fit is not the norm. But so far these past 4 years has never been the norm.

Again I say that I never did favor this man not because he became president but because I never liked the man back in the 70's. Forget the unsavory sick sarcastic personality that he has been blessed with. But his businessman skills or that of a con well, of course he would sit straight up and take that as a compliment. Smart moves sooner or later will catch up to him. That wise guy attitude and all that hush hush stuff, well lets just leave it at all that mafia stuff that seems to float around thick in the air even today.

I'd vote for anybody just to get him out of office.

Oh how it was a sweet melody of words flowing as I sat listening to President Obama speak. It was a like a calmness that filled the air. And to think for 4 years all I heard were insults degrading others, making fun of others, chanting go back where you came from. The separation of families, Building walls. The only thing he accomplished was making people feel his pain he inflicted on them.

And his threats that held his base together in the white house and I shake my head here. Who's scared of the big bad wolf ? Guess they were then again maybe not.

His followers are like the people I see riding up and down my road in front of my home. Blowing there horns throwing there middle fingers up out of the windows of cars and trucks. Flags hanging of those vehicles bigger than their rides. Over my Biden/Harris signs. Lets not forget my BLM signs.

But you can rest assure my neighbors don't mess with me anymore after I took them to court having them to remove the lien they placed on my home. My lawyer never seen anything like it. Well I said. That's how much hate these people have in them.

Well either way it goes November 3rd the fireworks will begin. Here in the South around this small town you can hear the talks about how they are Locked, Loaded and Ready if Trump loses. As they believe Trumps claim that they have cheated him out of his 2nd term.

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