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Mine, All Mine by chi3nne
February 2009

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February 3, 2009

So last night I Yahoo'd with Hot guy form the personals site...for like 2 1/2 hours. I mean of course there is the huge delay thing and I was doing other stuff at the same time but you get the idea.

We did not get to personal mostly just rattled on about books we have read (amazingly he and I have read quiet a few of the same), music we like, movies we have seen, pets etc. He has a good sense of humor and gets mine. We have similar taste in books, movies and music. I mean not like we are long lost twins or anything but enough so we can really enjoy a conversation and understand what the other is talking about but not so much it gets boring. So the time went fast and there were many moments I actually did LOL. So when he wrote "I would love to keep talking to you (verses typing) because it would be easier and I must confess I am curious as to how your laugh sounds. My number is XXX.XXXX, I would love it if we could finish this conversation via phone and let you get to bed". At this point it was nearly midnight so no matter how much I was enjoying the "conversation" speeding it up was a good thing. So I told him I would call but for him not to take offense to the fact I would be blocking my number when I did. He said he understood totally. So I called. JFC we talked and talked and finally I look at the clock it was 1:30 in the damn AM! I bid him good night.

He is currently laid off, he works in road construction. Usually they can work through winter but with the snow and cold this year he ended up on 1 month lay off. He goes back in a week or so. He lives with his best friend. He has only been out of his last long term relationship (6 years) for about 5 months. It was a mutual split, it just ran it's course I guess. I did not ask for alot detail on that. You can tell it bothers him that he no longer gets to see his daughter daily. So I think that relationship is somewhere in period where the woman is having second thoughts. You know how it goes...first the guy freaks out and wants the girl back. Then a few months later the girls realizes that maybe the grass was not all much greener. So I do not expect that this will be some great love affair or anything but I think it might be something that both of needs. Getting our feet wet in the dating pool and probably walking away with a frienship.

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