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Mine, All Mine by chi3nne
February 2009

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Interesting Prospects
February 4, 2009

Yesterday was interesting...

On Monday I had sent Tamii a few leads to follow from Craigslist. Yesterday morning after she got here and set up her laptop to work she forwards me a email from someone who was actually looking for a part time bookkeeper. Apparently after looking at my website etc. he sent this:

Interesting business...are you interested in a sale/parternship with a CPA consulting firm?


I know I will not sell. My business is not one that can be sold. My business (at least at this point) is me. I have personal relationships with my clients and I will not convince them to go with someone else and I will not leave them hanging. I have worked hard for me and them. besides my little business (as it is now) generates enough income for me live my lifestyle and pay Tamii for her hours. It is not business someone is going to offer me a million dollars for. A partnership? Hmmm it depends. I responded back in the afternoon that I was intrigued and I would be happy to meet with at a mutually convenient time to hear what his ideas are. I let him know that really the earliest I could be available would be Saturday morning at 11:00. He said that would work great for him. he later sent me another email letting me know he had referred someone to my website for services that were needing. I wrote back and told him "Thank you". Tamii wanted to go with to this meeting but I told her with no disrespect intended that this was not a meeting she had to be present at. This was about the company and at this point it is my company besides she has a client Saturday morning and to try and work around that would have not worked for me. I promised her I would not be making any deals that day and I certainly would not do anything without talking to her about things first. It is my company but I have a obligation to her as well. So that whole thing is interesting and will certainly keep you all posted on that. I suspect nothing will come of it but I have not forgotten the reason this man was contacted in the first place so I will try to close that deal =)

Yummy (Personals site guy) sent me a picture on my phone last night. Not Porn people. He admitted that the pictures on the site were 2 years old and although he looks mostly the same he now sports a little facial hair. So he sent me a pic. Still yummy but I gotta tell you I am not a fan of the facial hair. I do like the whole dark shadow thing but real facial hair...not so much. He has goatee. Not hideous but he sure looks better without it. He said it comes and goes so it is all good. Then he called me about 9:30 last night. We talked for about 30 mins and I told him I had to get to bed at a normal hour because I had to get up early to drive a hour to be at a clients by 8. He was fine with that of course but before we got off the phone he asked if I would like to meet him for appetizers/drinks and then a movie or something this weekend. I told him my Saturday was full because after that meeting Tamii and I going to have a late lunch and go shopping (I am buying her some "work" clothes for as her birthday gift). Sunday I will work and do domestic duties here. He said he was going to spend the day with his daughter but he only has her until 5. She lives about a hour away so that would work. Of course we will just meet there and I will take my car, separately any where we go and Tamii will be kept updated as to where I am. Safety first.

I did find out he does not do drugs of any kind (YaY!). However, his profile said he smoked occasionally which I take as he smoked when he went out drinking or just the rare occasion. Nope, he smokes but has cut down and he has appointment with his doctor the end of the month for a physical and to get on Chantix. He wants to quit. Ok so bonus that he wants to quit but ewwwww that he smokes. I told him I do not like to smell cigs on people and although I am an ex-smoker I do smoke on occasion but I mean OCCASSIONALLY not daily or even weekly/monthly. So we will see. He seems to be a really nice guy and we have no problems carrying on a conversation but...well we will see.
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