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Mine, All Mine by chi3nne
February 2009

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February 8, 2009

Well what a weekend! Friday I had my date with Yummy. I got to theatre first but he had called was only five minutes behind me. Ok so I grabbed the tickets. He walked in and OMG. I almost did recognize him from his pictures but not in a bad way. The most recent he sent he had a goatee (it was OK but I am not facial hair lover in general). So I had commented to to him that A goatee was fine but I did think his five o'clock shadow in the other pictures was better. So he showed up and had shaven off the facial hair =) But in addition to that he looked different than his pictures. It could be because some of them were shadowy (not sure if thats a word) and the other was a phone pic so kind of shitty lighting and grainy. When he had told me that he had been told he looked like Tom Cruise I looked at the pictures I had and was "uhm no". I was wrong. He does look like Mr. Cruise. But a Darker haired, 6'3" muscular and manlier version. HOT! He came up to me and gave me a big hug. Mmmmm me smelt good and his nice broad chest and shoulders made feel so femine and...Hmmm not sure how to describe it but any lady who has been with a man bigger than her she knows what I am talking about. He got us some bottled watered and Twizzlers for the movie and off we went. We had a good 20mins before the movie started so chatted in our seats. Push, the movie, was good but was a little drawn out. About half way through the movie he finally did the hand brush while handing me a Twizzler. yeah I know how junior high but remember it has been a long time since I did the real first date thing and same goes for him. So the hand brush leads to a full hand holding...eventually. We then scooter down to a bar/restaurant for appetizers, drinks and trivia. We sat there playing a few games of the trivia, nibbling on food but mostly talking until they kicked us out at Midnight. Went down to the nearest bar and found a quiet corner where we continued to talk then...he kissed me! Yum! It was soft, his lips are full but not dripping wet kind of full. Thank god the bar big but not real full and our corner was on a elevated area where no one else was so no one had to witness these displays of public affection because eventually they got pretty hot and intense. The kind where the guy runs his hands up through your hair and pulls just a little to get your head at a right angle and asserting a little dominance HOT! Needless to say the time in the bar went quickly and bar time was upon us. I drove him back to his car and while he let his car warm up a bit he hopped back into mine and we made out like teenagers for at least 30 mins. The windows steamed up nearly as much I was by the end of it. Of course nothing but kissing, groping (outside the clothes) and him copping a little feel under my shirt. It was really enjoyable evening. We talk easily with each other so that was really nice. He has dry but good sense of humor. He is definately the hot nerd minus the glasses. I kept in touch with Tamii via text all night and as instructed I text Kelly and her both when I got home at....3:30 AM!

I got up at 9:30 showered and got ready for my meeting with that guy that wanted to discuss a sale or partnership with my company. Oddly enough I did feel tired. I went and it was super interesting. After picking my brain and quizzing me he explained what he had in mind. I can't really divulge much because the what we have in mind has not been done before but has the potential for huge success. Let just say that the basic concept I envisioned for my business fits perfectly into this concept he has been working on. It is actuall quite exciting if could actually happen. So for now we decided we would simply trade referrals and he has asked me to attend a dinner meeting in a couple weeks with a couple weeks with a person/company that would be as intrical as my company would be along with a couple of his clients who I suppose might be investors or something. Nothing was signed and I certainly did not hand over client list or any more information that is on my website. I figure at the very least it could lead to a few new clients in HR field which is really the field I enjoy most. At most I become part of this "Thing" which has huge potential. It is very exciting but I am just going about my business as usual and looking for the next client and continue with Tamii's training.

After the meeting I met Tamii for a quick lunch and some shopping. I hooked her up with a nice pair of trouser jeans and a couple cute tops from the mall. Then we headed over to Burlington Coat Factory, wehre we scored the mother load! I was able to get her two business suits, a blazer and two necklaces with matching earrings for $50! All very classic and interchangeable. She now is set to look the part of a professional woman that can handle the business of our clients. She was extremeley grateful but felt bad I had spent so much through the day. At the end of the I spent just under $200 and it was totally worth it. It was worht it because it made her feel "spoiled". Every woman deserves to feel that way once in awhile. I told her she did not need to feel bad because it was her birthday present but in my mind it was also a investment. She was happy and I was happy, it was a good day.

However, earlier in the day Yummy had called to tell me he had really good time the night before (Friday). We chatted and when he found out that after shopping I had no real plans he asked me if I wanted to come over to watch a movie, listening to music and read some of writings (yeah Ok it sounds boring but for me it sounded pretty interesting) which we all know has the potential to lead to S E X. So of course I said sure let me call you when I am done with Tamii. I did. He then asked if I wanted to grab a bite to eat at this supper club his roomie cooks at. OK sure. So I meet him there, meet the roomie and then he tells me his little brother and wife are coming down for a drink. OK...I guess. His little brother (1 of 15 siblings) was super cute and nice. His wife was a sweety too. So they then invite us to go to this roadhouse type of a bar because there are a couple birthday parties of people they all know. Ok we agree to go for one. We meet them there and would'nt you know it 3 of his sisters are there. Ok thats alot of family and introductions for date number two but whatever they were all very cool and not quizzingme like I am enemy entering camp. We hung there for a bit and then headed back to his place. His roomie was there but quickly took leave to his room at the other end of the house. I read some of his writings and I actually enjoyed them. We listened to music and talked. Then...One thing led to another and we were tearing up the sectional we were sitting on! OMG hot alpha male sex without it getting too rough. It was perfect. fuled by lust, passion and desire. His body is delicious! Broad muscular shoulders, muscular chest but not too muscular. Just the right amount of hair with a sexy trail that led down to the promise land. And OMG what a large vast land it is! I could get way more graphic but I won't. It was magnificent. He is definately no one pump chump. Ok enough I am getting myself worked up and needless to say my body and it's parts are not going to repaired enough to anything about it for a few days. Afterwords he grabbed me and layed me in arms and on his chest. He stroked my hair and my skin. We laid silent for bit just catching our breath and enjoying the after glow. We laid there for at least a couple hours mostly just caressing each other but we did talk too. It was by far the best first time sex (on a whole) that I have ever had. I got home at 5 AM! He called about noon just to tell me he had a amazing time etc. He thought he would have gotten my voice mail but my phone started rining at 11 so I had been up. We talked for another two hours!

His layoff is over and he will be going back to work on tomorrow. He works long days usually (lots of overtime) and I have a full week also. No plans for our next date but thats Ok. I am so glad I am in a place I can meet someone I genuinely like, have sex with them, enjoy it but not get all insecure about myself if they are not all over trying to set the next date right away. I am not in a place where I get attached too quickly and I am OK with whatever happens. Actually with him, because of the fact he is fairly fresh out of his relationship I prefer he see other people. I am impressed with me, the fact that I can type all of this out and it be the truth. I love that I am OK by myself and no one determines how I feel about myself except for me. This is a good place to be.

A productive, interesting, and fun weekend! Long overdue but worth wait. I cannot do this on a regular basis, this I know!
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