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Mine, All Mine by chi3nne
February 2009

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February 10, 2009

Work is freaking crazy this week! Because I basically took the weekend off I am feeling the heat. I have piles of shit to do and I know I do not have enough to do it. I will be working Saturday most of the day as well as Sunday.

I got a email from the CPA firm and Mark (the owner, the guy I met with on Saturday)sent me a email asking me when I was available for lunch. I told him next week Mon. through Wed. would work best for me. I hop he does not choose Tuesday because Tamii, Allison and I are going to get Tattoos that day. At least that is the plan and I don't want to change it but will if I have to.

Thursday I have a meeting with a potential new client right after I leave Movie Maker Client. Tomorrow I go to Builder Client (ugh!). It will have been 3 weeks since I was last there so there will be a lot to do. After I leave there I have to stop by Johns office to pick up stuff for the accountant so I can drop that stuff off on Thursday before I go grocery shopping (myhouse is nearly bare). Friday I will work all day at home and take a couple hours to clean house because...

Jason is coming over to cook me dinner, watch a movie and *clears throat* hang out. Weeee! I am looking forward to it. We have chatted online, talked on the phone and texted over the last couple of days. It has been nice to get to know him even better. There is a huge sexual attraction and that is always fun but the other stuff is good too. More and more though I know this will not be any big thing. He is just to fresh out of that. Everytime I have been with him or talking to him on the phone she calls. He generally does not take the call but on Saturday I seriously knew if he did not she would keep calling so I told him just take the call outside, it's fine. I have let him know that I understand where he is at and I wanted him to know that we are just dating. He can see whoever he wants and if he feels the need to try again with the ex then he should just tell me and not play those "I don't want to hurt you games" because although I enjoy his company I will be fine and I would much rather keep any kind of friendship intact than beat the damn thing down with secrets and misguided good intentions. He seemed to respect that. The whole point of me getting out there and meeing new people was not to find a partner but to meet new people and have some fun along the way. If something clicked beyond, fantastic but my goal was to expand my social life and have FUN not dating or relationship drama. So things are fun between us. He sends me sexy little text messages and we tell each other funny stories from our past etc. I think he was put a little off kilter by casualness and openess about all this because I simply do not believe he is used to woman not latching themselves onto him. I ge this based on stories he has told me and things his siblings had said on Saturday night. He is a very nice looking man with a good job. He seems to have the right mix of Alpha male and a artistic sensitive side as well as nerdy technology side. A catch most woman would want to land right away...but I am not. I landed the big fish with D and it was good while it lasted but it went down in flames and took alot of "me" with it. I got it back and I know the value of me, what I want and what I need. I will make damn sure I get it in my next committed relationship. Personal growth is priceless and is a beautiful thing. I can date with confidence and be OK with me, no matter what happens.
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