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Mine, All Mine by chi3nne
February 2009

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February 14, 2009

What a eventful day yesterday was...

D and his house of cards (woman) came crashing down, apparently. I only know this through Kiddo. First, D's girlfirend from Floriday came in this weekend to stay with him. Yesterday morning he stopped by to pick up some documents he needed for work thing at 10 AM. I was under the kitchen sink trying to get the clog taken care of (again!). When I stood up to talk to him he looked like he was on the verge of tears, like his dog had died or something. I asked him what was wrong and what he said to me was "you should have never divorced me". I looked at him with a blank face. I had no idea how to respond to this. So I said "what the hell is going on?" He responded by saying "nothing, it is just a pain in the ass". Then he stepped up the back stairs and came in for a hug. I let him. When he pulled back he definately had tears in his eyes. He left with out another word. So of course I am standing there thinking "what the hell has happened now in his life that it would somehow be my fault for divorcing him? and my he has a very short memory!". He calls a few minutes later to verify the address of the business appointment and I ask him again "what happened?". All he said was "it's a domestic thing". So I assumed he and Robin (FOLGF) had gotten into a fight again. So I said "Oh are you Robin fighing again?" He said "Oh, that MOFO is gone for sure". Ok so that was that. At this point I was kind of still in the dark until I remember that his Floriday girlfriend was supposed to be here this week. So I assumed she must have gone through his phone again or his email or his closets or whatver and found evidence of his ongoing relationship with Robin. Whatever, I figured he talk his way out of any trouble he may have gotten himself into. So when Kiddo gets home from school he tells me that he has to stop by D's to pick up his V-Day card from him. He said D had sent him a text at lunch asking him to do so. So I raise an eyebrow knowing now that Flordia girlfriend is there and some sort of shit went down but OK. When kiddo got to his dads he called me to tell me he had to come back home to get his watch because he got called into work. I ended up having to tell him I had a date coming over so he should not be surprised or rude to this guy. He has NEVER met anyone I dated except for Tom so this was very weird for me. Anyways, I told him that I do not expect him to go off blabbing to his dad and D about my date. His response was "I have so many secrets I keep for all of you, you don't even know". So of course I tell him he better not have any from he and he says has one but he can't tell me. I tellhim he can tell me and ask him when I ever broke confidence? So he says "OK but you cannot tell D I told you, I know why he was sad today. Robing found out that Susan was here, staying with D and that he reservations at a hotel for the weekend and was taking her to a big work party. She found Susans website that had her cell phone number, email and home phone number. She called and text her. Susan and Robin were on the phone today with each other for about 2.5 hours. D got busted big time." My mouth dropped to the floor and after I picked it up I asked "and D told you all of this?" He said "no, when I got over there D was crying and Susan was there. D went to the back room so I did not have to see him cry and Susan told me". WTF? She just meets my kid for the first time, hands him a V--Day card and candy then proceeds to tell him these details??? What kind of judgement call is that? Then to top it off she ask Kiddo what he thinks of Robin blah blah blah. Well Kiddo has never liked Robin so he of course said as much and told Susan he personally heard D try to "get rid" of Robin on a couple occasions but she is psycho. UGH! I of course told him he needs to stay the hell out of that freaking mess and he should know that he only knows a portion of the story which is more than he should know! So I am pissed D has Jessi come over to his place when all this was going on when he could have just easily dropped the V-Day stuff off when he dropped of mine. He did this on purpose to soften up his situation and that pisses me off. I am further pissed that Susan felt it was necessary to give so much information to Kiddo. A simple "we are having a disagreement" would have sufficed for the moment. Even worse I can't say shit to D about it because I promised Kiddo. Now I see how this is all my fault (NOT!). Ugh he infuriates me to know end and all I can do is be thankful that I am on the outside looking in this time instead of right there hearing all the lies and feeling all the pain and betrayal. I can safely assume Susan is still in town because D sent me a text message this morning that read "Happy V-day Babe dealn with issues but OK got lbind sided my own fault personal not professional! I love u you r a beautiful woman inside and out". WTF?!? Whatever *eye roll and head shake* The thing is this is not the first time he has tried to play this game nor and it always ends the same. He gets busted on some level so he loses one girl but manages to focus on the one enough to keep her.

Anyways, so Yummy showed up and I told him Kiddo was going to be stopping home and this was weird for me and why. I even called Kidd's dad and was like "damnit when he is supposed to leave for the weekend I expect him to leave on Friday and not c him again until Sunday. It makes it kind of hard to have a damn social life when I get no off time from being responsible for him and you have every day of the month except for 4 damn days come on! You could have borrowed him your watch for damn sakes. So yup my kid showed up and he was a good little gentleman but it was still weird. After he left we kissed like we had been starving for it. He really is a great kisser and I enjoy kissing him a lot. We stopped long enough to cook dinner (plenty of teasing touches while we cooked though). WE ate dinner and it was delicious. We sat down to watch a movie but got about 10 mins in and then ended up upstairs. HOT HOT HOT sex! Damn but he can push my buttons. Besides the sex I am still on the fence as to if this will be more or not. He has a million stories from his child hood and with 15 siblings I can understand that but pretty soon they just kind of run together so I am missing the humor and point of the story. The EX is a huge draw back. She calls and text all the time and god forbid he not take a call of hers she will call every hour on the hour until he does call her back then she won't answer and wait and call him back a hour later when he may or may not be busy. It detracts from the time we spend together. I told him as much. I told him maybe he put his profile up on that site a little too soon. He did say he did not think he would meet someone this quick but he put up because HE was ready to start dating again. The ex had been dating since week one and he was not ready at that point. Then he was and as soon as she got wind of that she all of the sudden was not ready to date and so of course how could he? I have no desire to get in the middle of all that. It makes it very difficult to get beyond the sexual attraction and into a more emotional attraction with all that there.

Ok I have work to do and then out for dinner with Tamii and friends.
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