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Mine, All Mine by chi3nne
February 2009

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February 16, 2009

Busy weekend except for yesterday I was sick with some stomache issues. I laid around most the day. This week is supposed to be my easy week but with Alli in town at Tamii's and everyone under the sun wanting a piece of my time it is filling up quickly. More work than normal because Tamii has company, more meeting than normal and Tamii needing/wanting me to help her entertain Alli. Full Full week.

I have not heard from D since V-Day via text and that is fine. I suspect he has managed to half way salvage his mess of a romantic life.

Yummy is definately dealing with a little too much for me to even consider emotionally investing in what we have. I am in no hurry to jump off that bridge anyways. So for now I will enjoy his company and the amazing sex we seem to have together.

Tom knows I am dating someone else also. It seems to me he is attempting to pick up his game a little bit. It is just too bad it has to be because he feels the heat of competition. The truth is there is no competition. Tom is Tom. One of my best friends with the more than likely potential of it not going any further than it has over the years. Yummy is new and has loads of baggage to sift through before I could even consider becoming emotionally invested. I sometimes wish I was that open every loving, trusting girl of 22 that was able to fall head over heels in love but life happened and I say I am much smarter some might say I simply much more guarded and skeptical. It would be nice to meet someone and feel so sure that IT was IT.
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