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Mine, All Mine by chi3nne
October 2009

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October 18, 2009

Kiddo was "home" this weekend. Actually he spent Friday night with D and I had him yesterday for about 5 hours then he went to his dads for a movie and hockey game. His dad will drive him home today. It was a busy but good visit. We went to the bank to open up a seperate checking account so he could have a debit card (I don't want him having access to his other checking account as that money is already ear marked for expenses and we all know how easy it can be to say "Oh I will grab $20 from there and put it back later". After the bank we went and had lunch then stopped by the coffee stand. I made him and both lovely chia lattes and we headed back home. Once home we cleaned out his car getting it ready to throw up for sale. We had lots of good converstaion and laughs in the time we had. He has matured more in the last 2 months that he has in the last 2 years. He has hit his stride and is doing well. He told me "I am not going to lie...I got excited and little butterflies when I hopped in the car and headed home on Friday." Despite the trials and tribulations of parenthood so far so good...I think I did OK with him.

I did not sleep well last night. Here is the problem...with this new construction company John wants to take Yummy along as he has proven to be really good with customers, insurance companies and other sales reps but based on things that I know because of my personal relationship with him I have concerns that he would be able to handle or deserve even a small percentage. All week long had been telling him that this weekend was going to have to be a big work weekend in regards to the new company. Yesterday he gets up two hours after I did proceeds to do his morning thing of coffee and reading the news on line (a long process, min. 1 hour). He could have and should have went and took care of some work but he did not. He decided he just wanted to lay around and relax all day (WTF?). So I was up at 7:15 at the coffee stand by 8:00 to help stock, back home by 10:00, in the shower and ready go at 11:00 with Kiddo. I was then back home with Kiddo around 2:30 and Yummy was at the grocery store and hitting a garage sale or two. Uhm OK. I guess since he decided he wanted to make a nice dinner for the two of us it made him excempt from the work that had to be done. I got back after dropping Kiddo off about 4:00 and he was reading a book. I was pissed and still am but more than that I am concerned about any kind of perpetual buisness partnership with him. I know that when he start and own your business alot of the work is done when you would rather be just relaxing and enjoying yourself. As a small business owner there is no one to hand shit off too, there is no one else to blame for mistakes, failures or over sights and if you don't do the work it more than likely won't get done and if the work does not get done you are not getting paid...bottom line you have to be willing to let go of the "me" time that you are used to as a employee of another company. Your "me" time will have to be planned and it will not be every day or every week. You can't just put in the effort when you feel like it. Because of this I am concerned also because of his lack of organization. I know he brings alot to the table and if he were not on board it would be a much riskier venture but still he only has 6 months of experience in this field, most of it has been successful but not all. He has limited business experience but has proven he knows how to handle himself in business interactions. I believe someone can finally find their nitch and stride later in life and should be given the opportunity to prove their worth but as a perpectual partner? I think not. So I have to figure this out. As a business woman I know you should take all the information available for any situation, no matter how it was presented and utilize it in your decisions. Ok just figured it out...DUH. A clear line between business and personal is tricky sometimes but if he were any other person and I knew the same about them I would do exactly what I am going to do. I will talk to John and let him know my concerns (John shares some of these concerns already). I will let John I believe Yummy will prove himself worthy of a pertetual partnership but it should not be handed to him. I think I will purpose that he be given a profit share instead of partnership percentage and for the first year it will not be pertetual but we will leave the door open for him to gain experience and prove he has what it takes to deserve that type of vestment. Seems fair to me since he will not be bringing any capital, will need a small salary and still needs to develop a bit.
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