Today is June 18, 2019
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Keora's by keora
March 2013

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March 10, 2013

i'm not a fan of michael working weekends.

i think i am going to have a harder time when he goes to seattle.

however, this is giving us a bit of a disconnect.
i'm so tired - and now getting sick, and so is julia.
wait - julia has been sick all weekend.
lots of stuffies, and what not.

she finally ate a meal tonight, pasta, brocoli and grapes.
she had a fever earlier.

poor mike is getting sick.
hopefully he'll be better before he has to fly - nothing worse then having a cold when you have to fly.
(i couldn't hear for six weeks after the one time i came home from arkansas)

...i miss traveling. i was just facebook snooping.
i was looking at names and i came across people from elementary school,

Lee and I went to St Pat's, but most of our highschool friends went to St Columba - which was just down a bit from where we went to school anyways, we shared a chruch and we did a lot of our things together,
there was this boy Chris who wanted to date me when we were in 8th grade.

we went to all our school dances together.
we went to grade 8 grad dance together, etc.

but the summer between i stopped talking to him, not because i didn't want too, but because i wasn't sure if i wanted a boyfriend when we started grade 9.

We talked twice all of highschool. he dated one of my friends for grade 9 and 10. and I just stayed clear of him.

it's funny what facebook reminds you of. Laughing

Though i did end up hanging out with his brother quite a bit when i was in gade 9 and 10. he was good looking. he had the whole black hair - blue eyes thing going. though chris had the whole reddish brown hair and blue eye thing going for him. I never dated anyone in highschool, at least no one that went to my highschool. Razz

the first guy i ever went on a date with was 26. when i was a mere 17. the second guy was myles.
and well.
his mom delivered julia.

sometimes i think it woulda been fun to have had boyfriends in highschool, to have had a lil more fun and gotten into some fun stuff. But you know no, i'm glad i stayed a bit of a goody two shoes.
as it was i didn't have sex til i was 18 and a half.

i'm glad i waited for that.

i dont think i could have ever survived the emotional drama of sleeping with different guys in highschool. Laughing

it's bad enough i couldn't deal back in 04-05 when i was being miss slut.

i'm thankful i found Mike.
and i'm thankful that we have our daughter and we're happy.

yes, i can say this and really honestly mean it.
it's not something i'm saying to make myself feel better.

i'm saying it, because it's honestly true.

our sex rate is up.
mind you it coincides with our sex toy collection. Laughing

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