Today is July 16, 2018
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life in the break-down lane by submissive bliss
October 2017

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October 9, 2017

i find myself feeling extremely blessed as i write here this evening. The past few weeks have been exhausting, scary, overwhelming, and relief filled.

During the most recent "take Dad to the ER" event, B got very upset with him. Sleep deprived and irritable, he finally reached his limit on Dad's uncooperative, patient behavior. He actually refused to come in Dad's room for a while.

i had suggested B stay home since i had 3 hours sleep and he ha none. He wanted to be there for Dad though. We knew something serious was going on from when we left the hospital in the wee hours. Dad had lost half his blood volume in 2 months time/ His hemoglobin was 7.

They gave him 2 units of blood and he felt better than he had in weeks. He was only interested in going home. He has never liked doctors or hospitals. He is 83 and feels when its his time to go, he is ready. He hates pain however, and was having pain under his rib cage. He simply did not have enough blood to operate his heart and lungs properly. His heart rate was 30-40 when we took him in.

After the transfusions his heart rate was back up to his normal mid 50s. No matter who asked, he refused to be scoped. B was so pissed. When he did come in the room, his face was red, and as soon as a nurse came in, Dad began griping to go home. B mentioned feeling dizzy for a moment, then said he was okay.

Dad finally agreed to a CT scan, and we left to take B home. We did not make it far. B almost fainted in the hall way and was rushed to the ER. He had dry heaves, was dizzy, sweating profusely and had chest pains. His BP was very high, but no heart attack. He was released hours later with "Vertigo".

Two days, numerous falls, and much room spinning later, i noticed his left eye was rolling half way up in his head. This started a whirlwind of daily heart and eye doctor visits, as well as MRI and MRA scans. We were told to expect 1-6 month healing of the eye muscles to correct the double vision.

We purchased an eye patch to help him adjust to using the one good eye. New BP meds were added to the daily regimen. About ten days later i noticed the eye tracking better when the patch was off. Within a few more days the double vision was completely gone!!! The Eye doctor was amazed!

The MRI ruled out tumor, aneurysm, and major stroke. It is presumed it was either a mini stroke or neuropathy of the ocular muscles caused by diabetes. The first is the most likely culprit given the high BP at the time as well as the seemingly complete recovery.

We are so stinking blessed!!! i love Him so very much!


A couple of days later
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