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January 2018
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hatred is a lovely thing
January 12, 2018

I've been angry for years. Angry at this or that. I also hold a grudge, I'm part Irish and part Welsh: I can easily hold onto a grudge.

Sure anger causes stress and that stress creates a bunch of side-effect stresses. It's a terrible loop, like a snake in a circle, eating its tail.

I cherish my anger, some has dissipated over the years and then new ones come in and replace the old faded anger.

As long as I don't act on my anger, then I am ok, I am safe.

I surely don't believe I'd act on my anger, that I'd do something stupid, the outcome to acting on my anger isn't something I want to live.

Eventually anger leads to grudges.

Sometimes the anger starts out as a grudge.

This quote: "Revenge is mine, says the lord," well that is fine and dandy; but the Lord hasn't done any revenge for me.

Not sure even if Karma really exist.

It's like God: you can't prove its existence nor can you disprove its existence.

Thus when it comes to Karma: you can't prove it, you can't disprove it.

What is God's revenge to one isn't revenge to the other person.

The same goes for Karma.

Something bad happened to Mr Dick, some might say that it was Karma's punishment, however I don't. The kind of Karmic punishment I'd like to see come to true is that he lose everything: all his money, his house, his fancy suits, his fancy cars. That is the Karmic punishment I want to see happen.

There are a few other folks, of whom I hold a grudge against: they have all suffered "accidents" or little hurtful things, but not the kind of Karmic punishment I want to see happen.

The thing is: what Karma's punishment is for one might not be to another.

Mr Dick got hurt once, sure it might have been Karmic punishment {not the kind he deserves} the thing is, if he doesn't believe in Karma, then he learns nothing from the experience.

Well, that's it for now, my children: go about your daily lives, think of nothing, have no thoughts in your head, be like everybody else in the world. Think not of the possibility of homelessness for my wife and I.

Do not consider mean or cruel things in the world.

Don't question things if you really can't handle the outcome.

For me, anger {and grudges} are a rightful thing to have, it is an emotion, and one we cannot live without. It'd be nice to follow Buddha's teaching about anger and grudges, but he was Holy, he had found the ultimate enlightenment and thus he has learned how to deal with anger and with grudges.

We can read what he teaches and perhaps for some, like those in India or Asia who're brought up learning the mystics of Buddhism can live as close to them as their perception and brain will let them.

I seriously doubt that any "westerner" like us in the good 'ol fucked up United States will ever learn and practice the beauty of Buddhist thoughts.

Good'day my friends, have a good one and think not of the sorrowful state of such the likes of me and my wife.
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