The Bolthole by Asher
July 2003
1Funk Off!
2So far...
4A Good Holiday...despite a SNAFU
6Day of the Slug
7Losing Hope / Hope Lost / Bloody Pissed Off
9A Little Motion Back in the Right Direction
10Picking Up Speed
14Vacant-eyed Zombie Gaze and other meanderings
15The Periphery
16The Periphery, Part 2
18A Catty, Cynical State of Mind
19Lazin' the Day Away
22One More Step
23A Typical Day?
24The Funk Strikes Back / A Little Pontificating
29Crossing the Rubicon
31A Little More Pontificating / The Status Quo
A Good Holiday...despite a SNAFU
July 4, 2003

I am seriously worn out after a busy day. It was busy from the get go. Our plans to have a get together at Satan's were finalized last night, so I was up earlier than I liked this morning to get ready. Since I was going to make my ribs, I dragged my portable grill out of the storage bin and spent like an hour cleaning it. Got T out of bed, made her breakfast and coffee then hit the grocery store for about $120 in groceries. Got back to the house, prepped my ribs loaded the car, and eventually drove the lot of us to Satan's. While everyone else got to socialize, I set about getting my grill fired up and cooking up our lunch of franks and burgers. After a good lunch and a litte socializing, we were joined by Ogre and the RHR (Reformed Holy Roller Like a devil). They finished up the lunch leftovers and joined into the talktative fray.

Since we are all -- save Satan's wife -- are inordinate gamers plus the fact that R doesn't interact very well socially, he had brought his new copy of Talisman -- sort of a Dungeons & Dragons style boardgame. We killed a couple hours hacking and slashing and making rude jokes. Mid-game, I ran out and threw my ribs on over the remaining coals to slow cook. Other than my cooking, I didn't have much luck -- none of us did other than the Ogre. He pretty much walked through every obstacle to win the game. Other than getting smacked down, it was a fun and gave me a chance to sit and cool off.

After much adventure and hilarity, we got down to business of some serious grilling. Ogre had brought marinated chicken breasts and steaks, which he helped Satan cook up. Meanwhile, I put the finishing touches on my ribs. The meal was topped off my roasted corn on the cob. It was the topper of a good day of food, fellowship and fun.

Only two things slightly marred it. Th melted down just before we left. He was simply over-tired, over-heated and over-stimulated. It actually mandated us having to leave earlier than I would have liked. The bigger aggravation as we were leaving. Backing away from the fence behind Satan's house, I accidenty turned the Taurus' right front fender into a telephone pole. It got a fairly significant dent and scuff marks. I was thoroughly pissed for several minutes and it was only T's comments that cooled me off enough to drive home.

All in all, it was a good day. Satan and I both commented that we need to do it more often, and I think we will. It seems like it does too much good for all of us. You gotta have something to fight off all the day to day bullshit.
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