The Bolthole by Asher
July 2003
1Funk Off!
2So far...
4A Good Holiday...despite a SNAFU
6Day of the Slug
7Losing Hope / Hope Lost / Bloody Pissed Off
9A Little Motion Back in the Right Direction
10Picking Up Speed
14Vacant-eyed Zombie Gaze and other meanderings
15The Periphery
16The Periphery, Part 2
18A Catty, Cynical State of Mind
19Lazin' the Day Away
22One More Step
23A Typical Day?
24The Funk Strikes Back / A Little Pontificating
29Crossing the Rubicon
31A Little More Pontificating / The Status Quo
A Little More Pontificating / The Status Quo
July 31, 2003

Iím pretty much a live and let live sort of fellow - - living under the idea of "An it harm none, do what thou wilt. If someone can find fulfillment be it physically, emotionally, or spiritually under that rede without making someone else suffer in some way, I wish more power to them. Itís hard enough in this world to find satisfaction, who am I say that a particular person or personsí method is wrong?

This thing with President Bush and the Vatican coming out against the legality of homosexual unions has me in a tizzy. I find bigoted bullshit ridiculous in this day and age. If two (or more) people find themselves in a long-term (if not permanent) relationship and wish to legalize their union so the rights of the partners are protected, why shouldnít it be legal? If the participants are consenting adults and in full control of their faculties, I can't see any reason to disallow it. No oneís getting hurt and no one is forced into it - - what is the big fucking deal? It smacks me of prescriptive morality and thatís damned familiar to me after the book Reading Lolita in Tehran. Itís the same kind of shit that was being pulled there. Whatever happened to We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?

In a lot of ways, I think the government as a whole doesnít give much credit to the intelligence and moral fiber of people. It would explain the ever-increasing need to put out a law to cover every possible subject. I think it could all be bloody well simplified. If you do something that hurts or costs someone else, you suffer a suitably equal punishment. If itís a so-called consensual crime - - where the only person you are hurting is yourself, well thatís your problem. If it doesnít fit those parameters, forget about it - - itís likely not your damned business.

I have to admit I understand why this plethora of laws came about. While there are a lot of good up standing people in the world, there also a good many worthless chunks of flesh walking about it. People who believe that the world owes them something and have no compunction about doing whatever they need to get it. It runs the gamut from junkies killing someone for $20 to get there next fix to business executives bilking their investors to national leaders who lie to get what they want. It's all kinds and at all levels. You can't make any generalizations except that they do not feel responsible for their actions nor consider the affects they have on others so long as they get what they want. It's a combination of greed and callousness that can beget a lot of evils petty and otherwise. So, because of these yahoos, it complicates everything for the rest of us. As if the world wasn't complicated enough already.

I've been having back problems for the last few days. I'm not sure whether I injured myself or if my suspected weight loss is forcing my posture to realign itself. Ah, the joys of being built like a beer keg. Laughing

I do have to say that it likely explains my need to rant...not that I need one. Very Happy I haven't been sleeping well and combined with being sore -- I've been a grumpy old bear. R's been on fairly good behavior and he's damned lucky. While, I'm not physically up to ripping him a new asshole -- I certainly could do it verbally.

Of course, sniping at him is redundant these days. T has been getting really unkind to him with respect to his shortcomings. I asked her about the change the other day and she basically indicated that she had seen the light. I've been bitching about him for years and she's gotten tired of defending him. He hasn't done anything to change and seems thoroughly oblivious to the fact that he needs to. I really wonder what he is thinking some times but I am almost afraid to know.
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