The Bolthole by Asher
July 2004
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13Third Circle
14The Fourth Circle

July 21, 2004

Thanks to ECS ....

Have you ever:

Donated blood?
Nope. I’ve tried but have been advised against it. Even if I weren’t a beer barrel with feet, my veins run deep. It would be like drilling for oil.

Been on a diet?
Yes – but nothing name brand. (e.g. Atkins)

Talked your way out of a speeding ticket?
Never been caught.

Eaten fried pickles?

Lied to your dh?
Say again?

Failed a class?
Several when my college career went tits up.

Been to Europe?
Not yet. Dammit!

Read a book in one night?
On many occasions. I can read too damned fast.

Tee-Pee'd a house?
Among other things. Evil or Very Mad

Opened someone else's mail?
Yes. Otherwise, the kids would have piles of it.

Mowed the lawn?

Danced in a recital?
Are you kidding?

Eaten a whole pizza?
Ayuh. It helps you become a beer keg with feet. Laughing

Played hooky?
Ayuh – usually by playing sick.

Gotten straight A's?
Last four semesters of high school, and a couple semesters in college.

Swam with dolphins?
No, Haven’t had the opportunity and would likely get harpooned doing it.

Had braces?
Yes. Not that it did much good.

Gone on a blind date?

Been locked out of the house?
Yes…but not for long. Evil or Very Mad

Marched in a parade?
Yes. Jr. High Band…:roll:

Been stuck in an elevator?
A couple of time

Broken a bone?
None that I am aware of….but then I don’t do doctors much.

Been to a circus?

Gone white-water rafting?
No..closest thing was canoeing down 65 miles of the Missouri River over 2 days.


Wished you had chosen a different career?
I can’t say I chose the one I have now. Laughing

Been on a hayride?

Avoided doing something because of a superstition?
More than likely..what I can’t say off the top of my head

Have you ever been on the radio?
Yep, while in college, I got interviewed on April 15 at the post office.

Danced under the stars?
Not bloody likely.


Bought a CD just for 1 song?
More than a few

Performed a solo?
Yes…back in school band.

Learned how to play chess?
Like most things…by hook and crook.

Lost your luggage on a trip?

Demanded a raise?
Does hinting and bitching regularly count? Laughing

Hit an animal on accident while driving?
Yes a few times and I find it very disturbing.

Stayed at a bed and breakfast?
Not yet. Of course, this would be kind of stange being a bachelor.

Been thrown a surprise party?

Saved someone's life?
Nope – but I have had mine saved a couple of times.

Been in a play?

Had a hole in one?
Nope. I was lucky (very very lucky) to get par when I played.

Climbed a mountain?
A few in the Black Hills of South Dakota –where my butt got saved when I nearly fell about 75’.

Run out of gas while driving?
Gotten close a few times.

Served on a jury?
No. I was dismissed.

Met a professional athlete?
None that I can remember.

Been seasick?

Been to Graceland?

Watched a movie more than 10 times?
A few…The Quiet Man, Monty Python & the Holy Grail

Taken a stress test?
Yes. No heart problems – just freaking out of shape.

Water skied?
For about 10 seconds before eating it.

Been to New York City?
Haven’t been to the northeast.

Seen a ghost?
I’ve seen a few things and had a few very odd experiences that I could chalk up to the paranormal. Living in a 100 year old house will do that!
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