The Bolthole by Asher
September 2004
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5A Whirlwind
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September 15, 2004

I feel pretty good today. Physically, I feel pretty good and my mental faculties seem pretty sharp. As a result, it has been a good and productive day. It's days like this that make me feel like I am making some actual headway professionally and personally. I need to have a few more days like this occasionally. It'll help me get up a head of steam and keep me from back-sliding.

Work has been really cranking along. We seem to be making good headway towards getting our directory project put together. It seems really weird to be working on it from this end and actually having a say about how things look and lay out. Iím also working on some updates for our online directory Ė making sure the copy reflects all of the appropriate promotions, maps and the like. In both cases, it is kind of composure shattering to realize that I am working on something that will be seen by thousands if not tens of thousands of people. I may joke about it but I find that itís helping my confidence with this new position grow significantly. My work, my time and my ideas seem to be appreciated so much more now and Iím really finding that I like it. Itís making me want more of it Ė that sort of success Ė where I am liked as well as respected.

I also seem to be getting a hang for it. I seem to be balancing things out better and not feeling so loathe to make decisions based on my experience as well as my judgment. Rather than coming home dejected and dissatisfied, I have a little more bounce to my step these days. Iím enjoying what I am doing and looking forward to ways that I can improve it. I think I am finding my niche for the time being. Itís a damned good feeling and itís extending to other areas in my life.

Now Ė as I have been avoiding it Ė I need to start spreading it to my social life. I have some opportunity to make up some ground. Iíve been ditching my gaming group since February but the DM has still been sending me email. He obviously would like me to return to the group and it would do me some good to get out of the house. Iíll have to shoot him an email to see what I need to do to rejoin the game. I also have the Celtic Fest coming up. Iíll be going up with Satan, RHR, and the Ogre to serve beer, listen to Celtic music, and generally have a good time. Iíll also get to hang-out with a few others that I have met before Ė like Satanís sister. Very Happy So it should be a good time. We are also planning a dinner/happy hour once we get the directory out the door. Most of us that have been working on it are pretty wigged out and could use the opportunity to blow off some steam. I also have book club coming up Ė so I could go to that Ė if I can break down, buy the book, read it, and make myself go. Laughing So, things could be a little more interesting around here Ė I just need to get off my fat ass and do them.

The only thing that has me somewhat worried right now is my hand. I went bowling a couple of weeks ago and I've been having problems ever since. It's been sore and weak -- particularly in the joints of the fingers and wrist. The really alarming part has been it going numb/pins & needles during some tasks -- particularly writing -- but has happened when I'm just sitting. I keep meaning to schedule a doctor's appointment but work has been keeping me busy. I'm just going to have to breakdown and do it.
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