The Bolthole by Asher
January 2006
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4Mountain Tears
18Companionship and other thoughts
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27Time to reap and a Time to Sow
28Buying New Toys with Satan
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30Back to the Salt Mine
31Can't Freaking Win
January 12, 2006

That's how I feel today - at the center of the target and getting pummeled. It seems that every time I turn around something is coming out of the woodwork to bite me on the ass. As soon as I heard the QVP's voice saying my name I knew that it was going to be a kick in the ass day.

Last Friday, on a sick day to boot, we spoke on the phone about something I was working on then went on to give me a new project. She wasn't at her most coherent so she left out several important details. I've been meaning to get back to her to follow-up but I have been tied up in 2 other high priority priority projects as well as few other lesser things. Honest, it was on my list for today Ė well it shot to the top on end of a red hot poker. QVP wanted an estimate for the production of 50 binders with tabs and cover inserts with creative based off our new brand by close of day. Fortunately, I was able to pull some mojo from one of my friends the Director of Creative. She put together numbers for the material side of things then dropped it over to the other production person to finish up with our in-house art costs. I was able to get an estimate to the QVP, explain each element of it, get it signed, and then turned back over into Creative. That never happens. I guess trying to be nice to everyone does pay off occasionally. Very Happy

Tomorrow is going to be another challenge. I still have to finish up the company Marketing Plan Binder if we are going to have any chance of getting it back by next Friday (1/20). I need to get final approval on the art, sign-off on the guts, convert it all to PDF, burn the files on CD and get turn it in to Creative for release. I saw a potential issue with the guts right before I left. Some of the manually punched holes were intruding into headers/footers on a few pages. Iím hoping that it was just human error punching the holes Ė but I will need to check to make sure it isnít Otherwise, production is going to be fucked up by this.

To top it off, my three day weekend is actually more likely to be a 2 day weekend. I have yet been able to pursue any of the AAA items that I need to complete to begin the transfer to Marketing Services. With my normal schedule at work, Iím never going to get to pursue it Ė so I am going to have to make time this weekend. It will only help me in the long run. By dumping the program, Iíll have a little more breathing room Ė at least until they dump something new on me.

No rest for the wicked, eh? I must have been a very bad boy in a previous life Ė either that the thought equals deed doctrine is actually true! Like a devil

Iíve been in a silly ass state of mind this evening. Iíve been just rambling along with stream of consciousness bullshit as well as turning every comment into an innuendo laden insinuation. The fact that I can be this way is a pretty good sign that my mind has swung back the other way for at least a time. Itíd be nice if I could do a little more with this mood, but Iím worn out from work today. Guess, I will just have to sit back, let it run its course, and bask in any relaxation my joviality brings.
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