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August 2007
1In Spite of it All
2Spite can only go so far/Three Testicled Mutant
3A Mood/A Different Mood
4Lazy with a capital "L"
6Status quo/Ugh
8So, do I get a cookie?
10The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun
21 Groggy & Foggy/Mad as Hell/Dammit
24Feeling Friday
25Can't wait to head north....
29What were they thinking?
August 28, 2007

I am beginning to really hate my body these days. I woke up yesterday morning and felt like I had been hit by a train. I was aching all over and just utterly exhausted -- much like I was back in July. I ended up calling off from work (lovely! bah!) and zoned out for the rest of the day after taking one of my muscle relaxants. It did the job -- taking me from complete "Ouch!" to just uncomfortable. I'm thinking it may be my body's way of telling my mind "Relax already!". I think I am getting wound up about my trip, work, some of my friends, and my own status quo -- and my mind is taking it out on my body or vice versa. Either that....or I really just need a vacation. Smile

Still, I am hoping that I can shake most of this feeling by Thursday and then finally kill it off on Friday. I don't want to be dragging at all this weekend. I fly out of here Thursday afternoon and figure I should be at Jen's by 8 for dinner. Then, Friday is looking to be pretty much a chill day with us just hanging out and chatting, which I must say sounds like an excellent idea to me. Finally, early Saturday we're off on our 2 1/2 day roadtrip into northern Michigan to enjoy the last bit of summer and some of the scenery up that way. It's going to be covering a lot of ground over a couple days and I really need to be up for it -- particularly to enjoy the company.

Thanks to Pixiemom for pointing out an new online tool to me. Zoho is a free online application suite with most of the functionality of OpenOffice or MS-Office such as exporting your documents to a variety of formats or even working in conjunction with someone else. Plus, you can access your files where ever you can get web access. It's a neat little set of tools that I am definitely going to be checking out in some detail. I am actually thinking of adding the Chat functionality to the bottom of my page here -- nothing like giving people the open opportunity to harass you. Laughing

I also have thank Pixiemom for giving me a great compliment when she was trying to sell me on the platform. Smile


For work, I'm doing something called "XXXXX" -- which is a self-directed learning activity to teach librarians some of the new stuff out there on the web.

One of the "things" is online applications -- which can include things like online word processing.

This note to you was created in zoho writer. And it allows you to write things online, email them, post to a blog....and even share them publically.

I was thinking that the latter might make it easier for you to share campaign posts...should you either decide to revive Kxxxx...or start that new gaming campaign we talked about way back when.

You have a brilliant mind and are an excellent writer. It would be a shame to let your creativity and talents go to waste. I can almost hear you now saying you haven't written anything in ages. well, neither have I! (Other than blog posts). But I think we could both TRY. To not try is the greatest shame of all.



Getting this from her and a couple very positive messages about stuff I posted in my creative journal, I have to say that I may just have to start trying that sort of thing again. It would be nice to have something else buzzing around in my skull other than worries or concerns. Besides, a creative project or two might go a long way to relieving any stress that I might have. I know back in the day when I was putting a lot of stuff for my gaming campaign together thigns didn't seem to weigh on me as heavily. A little fantasy of any variety can go a long way towards tempering reality.

Definitely worth considering.

I think tonight is going to be a pre-peremptory packing night. I need to run a few errands yet, but I think I will put them off until tomorrow. I figure it's better to get the laundry done and other accouterments packed -- just so I know if I am missing anything in particular. That way, I can just go out once for the entire mess. I also need to see if I can track down a small box -- I have a few fragile things to pick up that I want to protect -- rather than have them scattered over the interior of my bag.

Two days! Woot!

I have tons that I want to say but my bed is calling me. The next couple of days are going to be busy but at the same time, they cannot pass quickly enough. In the meantime, I am going to crash with a smile on my face.
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