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November 2014
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Melvin Day!
November 8, 2014

I am not sure where I learned this particular definition to the word "melvin", but when used as other than a name, it means a gift for yourself, especially a reward for doing something in particular. For NaNoWriMo, I decided that if I broke my weekend day goal of 2250 words that I would give myself a reward. The more weekend days I exceed the goal, the bigger the melvin gets to be at the end of the month. Well, today was my third opportunity to earn a melvin "level". I had missed the first two but the third one was the charm. I hit 2375 words for the day, beating the melvin goal by 125 words. I also caught up on my word deficit and I am actually over 344 words over pace now. I am quite juiced by it.

I had a great sleep with the new CPAP. I could have gotten up earlier in the day, but it was a such a good sleep that I ran with it. Didn't get up until this afternoon and put my plans on the back burner today. Other than recovering the kitchen from my Dad's depredations, I made chicken soup. True, I cheated by using a mix, but it was heavily doctored before it was done. First off, I added a chicken breast to a pot of water, added onion, garlic, carrot, celery, fresh rosemary, fresh sage, fresh parsley, chopped celery leaves, a bay leaf, and fresh ground pepper. When the chicken was cooked, I fished out the chicken breast and woody/leafy herb bits. While the chicken cooled, I whisked in the soup mix, which had noodles and dried veg it. Chopped up the chicken, added it. Had some noodles that I cooked previously so I added some of them as well as some frozen peas. It was quite tasty and nice on a cool autumn day.

Kory's memorial was today and I wish I could have gone to it, but time, money and distance precluded it. Still, he had quite the turn out because he was the sort of man that touched people with his big heart and storytelling. They also apparently had a hell of a wake last night, which he deserved. I also feel that I owe thanks to him for my recent creative renaissance. As I said before, he and I shared some commonalities, one was world building and writing. However, he did much more with his and that is acting as an inspiration for what I am doing now. Barring any situation that absolutely prohibits me, I think I will be writing at least something every day for the rest of my life. Whether it amounts to anything will absolutely depend on my effort and ability to learn the skills. Hopefully, I will work past my fears of rejection and creative disapproval, especially since they are unfounded.

I have to admit that I have other fears that I need to address. I dreamed about having a job similar to my gig at Choice Hotels, and I totally felt like a fish out of water. Had no idea what had to be done or how I was supposed to do it. It was absolutely confusing and embarrassing. I have to admit that the idea of going back to work...especially an office setting has me a little anxious. I am not sure I can handle it, although in many ways, I am better than I was before I cracked up. I guess we will see once I start trying to find work.
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