The Bolthole by Asher
January 2015
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Day 7 of 365
January 7, 2015

Haven't been doing much of late - a little puttering around the house, running into town for errands and groceries as well as feeding the deer and birds every day. I have also been tending to a stray cat that has taken up residence around the house. He's a pretty boy and seems well cared for, but has been around here for several days. I have been feeding him and tried to make a nest of sorts on the porch for him. I have seen him every day for the past week, although not tonight. I am hoping he found some place warm to curl up and wait out the very chilly weather of the next day or two. I have been expecting the Old Man to give me some shit for feeding the cat, but I figure, he has his own human strays that he takes care of in a variety of ways (Your truly included). I don't believe he has the right to fault me for tending a stray feline, particularly when I am feeding it food that his cats won't touch.

Other than that, I have been doing some letter writing, watching Netflix, and quite literally sleeping too much. Last few days, I have been feeling rather fatigued and so when I do go to sleep it is for an extended time, like 12 to 14 hours. Today, I have to admit that it worked in my favor. I had my alarm set for 9.15 but when it went off, I was still tired so I reset it for a couple hours later, as I was in no hurry to hit my errands today. Unfortunately, the alarm didn't go off and I was out cold until the Old Man woke to feed the deer. It had grown appreciably colder since yesterday and we had gotten something like 2 to 3 inches of snow. Going to town today would have been problematic at best because they hadn't plowed the hill until late this afternoon, so any descent could have resulted in a rather hair-raising slide down the hill. So, it was better safe than sorry as well as warm than cold.

Still, it is pretty chilly in this old house. It is an old coal company house, built when Ramage had an operating mine and a much larger population. As a result, it is not very well insulated nor does it have anything remotely resembling central heating. Most of the rooms have electric base-board heating, which only really works in the smaller, more closed off rooms, like my quarters. My folks also installed a propane gas-fired fireplace in the dining room making use of the spot where the old fireplace used to be in this house. My mother also had the windows replaced with much improved, newer windows, which helped with drafts and chill off the old panes. Still, this house can be quite nippy on a really cold day and we frequently have to worry about the water pipes which run under the house in the unheated crawl space and cellar. We do have a heat lamp by the main part of the water pipes, but it still on occasion freezes up to the point where we don't have water. Fortunately, it has never gotten so bad that a pipe has burst while I have been here. If I end up owning this place, I will have to consider some options to help prevent that from happening -- even if it entails climbing under the house to simply insulate the pipes.

I feel as if I had more to write, but as it is getting into wee hours of the morning, my thought processes seem to be slipping. Perhaps, that is a sign that I should just close this up for now, relax and see about getting some sleep out of the hope I can be a bit more active tomorrow.
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