The Bolthole by Asher
September 2016
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20Mildly Irritated
Mildly Irritated
September 20, 2016

If the stomach aggravations of the past week hadn't been enough, my father unintentionally and mostly like unawares did his best to get under my skin this evening. I think I have made it clear that my father is a slob. He will claim an area as his and proceed to clutter it beyond imagining. Then, like a viral colony, his collection of rubbish spreads, consuming other areas of a room unless beaten back with fire and machete. It's a frustrating thing to deal with, especially when he gets pissed off because he can't find a particular thing. It is always someone else's fault rather than the result of trash hoarding ways.

So this evening, I was cleaning up in the kitchen and had plans of sitting out on the porch with him as I worked on some Easy Roller material as well as composing a journal entry. When I come back out with my laptop and notes, he's moved over from his cluttered spot at the porch table into mine so he can work on the daily crossword. He's done this because his third of the table is absolutely stacked with newspapers, magazines, his new blood pressure monitor, bible and bits of various junk mail. Since it does no good to bitch at him as it neither improves his behavior nor does he give an apology, I deposited my laptop in the empty chair next to him and sat in his place where I proceeded to organize the mess into two piles, clearing a workable area for him. When I was done, I returned back into the house and waited until he came in so I could finally work on my laptop in peace.

Anyway, he is quite prone to similar behavior and even nearly three years after her passing, I have to marvel at my mother. I do not know how she was able to tolerate him through 56 years of marriage.

Normally, I wouldn't be so peeved at his rather inconsiderate nature, but I have had roughly a week's worth of stomach issues. It has run the gamut of digestive disturbances and just generally made me feel disinclined to do much of anything. I may have gastritis of some sort or its stress related from everything that has been going on with A and her son as well as EP's frequent need to communicate with me. I also suppose part of it could be the fact that I am supposed to see my doctor on Friday and even though I have tried to be somewhat better, experience has taught me to expect the worst -- especially after the shitty comment that I got last time. If my results still show up as awful, I fully expect to hear a raging bitch session. I am not looking forward to that eventuality.
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