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April 2018
15A quiet Sunday
28Status Blow
A quiet Sunday
April 15, 2018

It's a quiet Sunday at L's house and I am still not dressed and out of bed. L and I are both focused on our laptops as we relax before I have to take her to work. It's a quiet, pleasant moment and seems deliciously intimate to me. We are not focused on each other, but still, we are aware of each other's presence, taking pleasure in the company. It is a simple thing and I find it very welcoming after a long time of feeling coldly alone.

While any relationship is inherently complicated, balancing the interaction between two different personalities and temperaments, I still think the simple affectionate moments of spending time together and learning about each other make it all the more worthwhile. I have missed developing that quiet kind of intimacy where you come together as a couple and have a sense of belonging. It can be silly, it can be serious, it can be sexy but most of all it is a closeness that all too often has been lacking in my life. I am happy to have a chance for it to develop again. I long thought it would never come to pass again.

Work is going well. just finished up four weeks of classroom training and got out on the floor to take my first few calls to as my teacher described it "rip the band-aid off". Trying to apply what you have learned, operate the various systems, and have a conversation with the customer is a bit of a challenge and more than a little nerve-wracking when you are starting. Some people shed the nervousness almost immediately and plunge headfirst into it while others are severely challenged overcoming their natural shyness and shakiness with the systems. I have to admit that I am somewhat in the middle of the road but I can already tell that I am gaining confidence in my ability to do everything. I think I will be okay.

The next two weeks of training are called abay, which is basically on the job training. You take calls in a more directly supervised and helped fashion to get you up to speed and comfortable with the job. Also, rather than being on the floor for a limited amount of time, you get to work more like a regular shift and spend several hours on the phones -- with breaks of course. It's going to be an interesting couple of weeks before we are let loose to sink or swim.

So, life has been undergoing some significant changes for me. They all seem to be for the better and I am going to take them for all they are worth. At the best, they could be a reignition of my life and at worst, they could be another learning experience..
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