The Bolthole by Asher
September 2018
3Run a bit ragged
4A little brighter
9A Day of Rest
15A week down
16Plenty to Do, No desire to do it
30Need Another Day
Plenty to Do, No desire to do it
September 16, 2018

I slept late this morning and was only just able to drag myself from the clutches of my bedding. I have plenty to do today around the house, but I am finding little motivation to work myself silly on the day before tthe start of my second week of work.

I did run into town to run a few errands -- gas up the Escape, get some cash from the bank, and pick up a few groceries. I came home to unload the groceries, unload the dishwasher, and put on a sizeable pot of chili that will feed us multiple times this week. Last but not least, I put on my laundry for the week so I have clothes to wear to work. Beyond that, I do not seeing myself do much more except perhaps feed the birds and deer. The rest of the house can sit until another day. It's not like my dad will pitch a fit that I didn't clean the bathrooms or vaccuum the house. The place could be falling down around his ears before he would deign to take notice.

So, I am out on the porch relaxing while the laundry spins and the chili simmers. There is a light breeze and a smattering of rain is falling on the metal roof of the porch, producing a melodic pitter patter. The only thing I might complain about is the level of humidity. It isn't particularly high only 81%, but it feels exceedingly sticky today. But I am not going to let that deter me. I am going to sit out here, enjoy the sound of the rain and the singing of the birds as I ponder things, journal and write letters.

My gaming group is talking about doing some one off adventures with other games like Call of Cthulu, Delta Green and Cyberpunk while we look for more players to continue my D&D campaign. It will keep us active as a group and allow us to try out some other games. Plus, it will give me a break from gamemastering and allow me to catch up on some design work on my campaign as mood strikes.

I also just got approval from the Old Man on my pot of chili. Apparently, it has a bit of bite but isn't so bad that it will scare you off. It tastes like chili should. I count that as a cooking success. Hopefully, I concur when I break down and eat some.

I am hoping to get my check from West Virginia American Water this week. It is from the legal settlement that came about the chemical spill back in 2014. My Dad is going to get nearly $500, and I will get just over $300 for my mother and myself. I am going to use some of it to help pay down my credit card while another part is going to L. The Old Man & I are trying to help her our through her period of unemployment. Why he is doing it ...other than being a good samaritan...I am not sure. However, my reasons for helping her clear. Simply put, I am in love with the woman and it is in my white knight nature to do everything I can for those I care about. Plus, there is little chance of resuming our dating relationship if she leaves the area which she has threatened.

Of course, this does not mean that I am doing anything too self-destructive. I am making enough from my job right now that I can give her a third of what I am making per week and still have enough to cover all my bills and expenses. I will keep helping for my reasons until she finds a way to support herself....well at least as long as I have my job with the state.

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