Where's My Pie? by Mystic Angel
May 2013
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4Feeling Loved
11Another Win
12Mom Day
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31White Hot Last Night:
Thus Far Today
May 25, 2013

A loss for the Heat last night is what it is but shit Heat get it together. <3 ya still. Smile


Thus Far Today:

I had a nasty mood swing took it out on hubs & Danno.
Danno is dealing with his own shit so we talked, hugged etc.... then went to care for our clients.

After the pet sitting we were on our way back on the hwy when we saw a homeless man we have seen before, so I roll down my window and gave him some money.
I hit the hwy bright idea was to go to Walgreens by the house and buy him some food.
That Walgreens now carries sandwiches etc...
We purchased 2 cuban sandwiches, chips, two bottles of water, and some chocolate bars for him.
We get there and he was gone *sighs* we guess he went to get some food with the money we gave him. There is a corner store where we have seen him.
Anyways there was another homeless man that we have given money to so we gave him all the food etc...
Plus some money.
He has a g/f also so all that food went for them.
He was so happy *sighs* I wish we could give more indeed.
He said something like "well I know I am homeless."
I responded: "We are all humans whether we have a home or not, and we belong to God." I was inspired when I spoke these words. His smiled and the sweet look in his eyes.
I wish I had more to give.

I am done for the day good thing my body is a one big ache.
I dropped Danno off for another Saturday of pro-bending and Krysta was there to my surprise.
Danno had to point her out to me wow she has changed so much I am impressed with all her transitioning.
She looks good and very happy. I hope her happiness continues to grow she deserves it.

I have a client who I will pet sit for starting tomorrow that informed me that they are now toilet training their cats. I read her email and was WTF! Really your toilet training the cats. This is not my thing (YUK/disgusting), and I feel it is not what nature intended for cats. LMFAO this is gonna be interesting she gave me instructions on how to change the toilet litter. *shakes head* whatever as long as the check no bounce ya know.
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