Where's My Pie? by Mystic Angel
November 2013
1Halloween as in many years past .............
3Up Early
6I have to leave in a few/SUCK IT LMAO
8Gingerbread and Julie
9B & N
10Slacking & Healing
11Game Time
14They Have Started
15Love My Hubs
16Quick Like
17Sleeping In
19Last Few Days
23It Be Fixed!
29Black Friday
30Back to.....
November 22, 2013

Gotta love SEXISM um NOT!
I am the kind of person who does not do gender. I treat people the same WTF do I care what they have between their legs. I am cool with you until your not cool with me kinda gal is who I am.
This morning I have been waiting on the A/C repair dude and a client who is dropping off their greyhound and this is the mess that is going on in front of our house right now.....FUCK IT!

I need to get outta here to walk dogs I am stressed the fuck out that I have to find a fucking way outta my own house.

Anyways our central A/C is fucked up thank goodness we have wall units up in some of the rooms 'cause it be too damn hot. I also have the fans running. The A/C dude comes in I would say it took him like 5 minutes to inform me that the motor is shot to hell and we need a new one. He needed to check on the warranty blah blah blah.....
We talk a little about the damn construction and how he had to park hell if I recall lol I watch him as he checks out our A/C unit .... I inform him I need to get out of here to see clients and that I have a client coming by soon and the look on his face was as if what I said to him was a WTF moment. DUDE YES THIS VAGINA HAS A JOB! Deal with it mother fucker.

As we both walk out he informs me no no dismisses me totally telling me how he NEEDS to talk to hubs well FUCK YOU! was screaming in my head. We have used this dude before he is good so I kept quiet as much as I wanted to scream at him.


The new greyhound was just dropped off and he is a curious boy lol too adorable I need to get some pictures of him while he is staying here with us.
I have a hunger headache meh food will have to wait I need to see if I can actually get out of my house to walk the dogs from other clients after those walks I eat and come home.


The Dude Comes Tomorrow Stay Tuned....
We were able to get out of the house get the dog walks done. We got wet yep it was sunny/hot up until we had to walk them dogs lol figures. The rain did cool us all off that is for sure too damn freaking hot. We made it to Taco Bell to get home in time to eat something finally and catch up on Paranormal Witness and AHS:COVEN.

Hubs shot me a text MR. Sexist A/C repair asshole will be here tomorrow with the new motor for the A/C and we are looking at $500.00 to $700.00 in repairs. Hubs can deal with his ass I hope he comes by when I'm taking care of the clients I have tomorrow. There is also a potential new client who has if I can recall three conure birds. I will be solo tomorrow since Dan will be out this weekend with his friends they are in a convention all good happy he is going, but I will miss him lol more fun when we pet sit together.
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