Where's My Pie? by Mystic Angel
August 2014
1YES! Dropped Off
2August Man Times Flies
3David Cassidy
4Spoils Me
5Them Storms Still A Coming
8Miami Design District
9Loves It
10Chilling On This Fine Sunday
11Another Monday Monday Ends :(
13B&N Shopping
19 Done With Her!
20Zero Feels For Food
25OK Like We Have One Now BIG Deal
27Getting This In
28He is off....
29Dragon Con .... I be exhausted!!!
30He is my Ying to my Yang
Them Storms Still A Coming
August 5, 2014

Mother nature needs to chill out a little meh all these storms just makes me want to stay in bed all day long. The sun is finally out good to see it been so grey & fugly.

Dan is doing GISHWHES (Misha Collins Charity thing) LOL not sure if I spelled that correctly (The World’s Largest and Greatest Scavenger Hunt) whatever ... Dan is doing it with a few friends from FB ("Smutty") being one of them meh she always asks me .... I have never done it. Back to Dan he needs me to go with him tomorrow for a project for his teams GISHWHES um we may be hitting the fashion district between clients. As much as I appreciate my men with ALL they do to help me out um yeah I really need to saddle back up tomorrow, and get back on track with things pain or no pain. I am not sure exactly what we will be doing oh it is a Scooby Mystery indeed for me right now.

The structural engineer did call just to tell us he will (MAYBE) be here by the end of this week.....after a while all I hear is blah, blah, blah.....seriously WTF!

Hubs wants to check things out under the house damn gross & just thinking about it makes me claustrophobia kick in a little. I plan on being outside when he does in case he needs me for anything LMFAO good gravy ... I will be quick in dialing 9-1-1 not like my claustrophobic ass will be of any help. He has gone down below the house before and as always I gross the fuck out.

Luke and the storms WTF is wrong seems he is getting more and more afraid poor dog. I really do not recall him being so freaking afraid not like Riki or Ginni for example. Ginni (aka Gingerbread) officially is moving away this month I am glad we will care for her one last time. W asked if she could leave Ginni here while the movers pack all her stuff. Is what it is in this business some move, others pass away etc.....

Hubs is making cornbread yum I can smell its deliciousness.

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