Where's My Pie? by Mystic Angel
May 2018
8Just Tired Of This Shit
10Why The Windows Are Always Dirty LOL
18Another School Shooting
20Mine Is on Point :)
21Alone Time
31Vet Visit For Glory
May 15, 2018


A few days ago while we were in the Grove waiting on a light there was a Muslim couple ahead of us. The man kept looking around checking the people around them the light changed we all crossed the street just to wait at another light. Again they were in front of us, and he continued to look around when he looked at me I smiled then he looked away. I can not say I blame him with the way things are going.

Today at Publix I see a WOC that works for instacart. I went over to ask her a question about the service man that young lady tensed up as I approached her. When she saw that I was not gonna get into a racist rant I noticed her body language change. 

The hate in this screwed up POS country/world sickens me. I hate how the human race can be one of the most horrible ugly things ever crapped out by evolution. I do have hope when I do see acts of kindness, but lately it seems all I see is hatred. 

Showing kindness:

DJ & I had to hit Publix while there we met a displaced gentleman who very sweetly asks us to buy him a sandwich. We said sure I always ask for the persons name his was Lee from Canada. We went in did our shopping we grabbed him 2 sandwiches & a large ass coke love the Deli area at Publix. DJ went and gave him the sandwiches and I gave him an extra $5.00 for later. It was pouring Lee was sweet he offered to help us with our groceries, so I went to get the car and DJ along with Lee loaded up the trunk. DJ spoke with him as I went to get the car he told me Lee was extremely nice another displaced gentleman came & Lee shared his second sandwich with the man even offered him half the soda.

Not sure if I posted up the peacock we saw strolling down the street & into stores in the grove.

This peacock gives zero fucks Smile


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