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June 2018
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11While I Waited....
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While I Waited....
June 11, 2018

While at a clients condo again DJ goes up & I stay in the car as always I refuse to pay for valet whenever we can. I am sitting there with the windows down at the time we were there it was cloudy & raining a little. I usually people watch or eat shit on my cell today it was interesting because as I sat in my car with the windows down I heard a woman screaming. I could not make out exactly what she was yelling about.

She would scream for a few then it was quiet I was trying to figure out where the screaming was coming from seemed to me it was across the street. There are 2 buildings one is small brown the other a tall ass white building. Plus there is a huge park right next to the buildings the more I tried to figure out from what building or parking lot the more something told me it was from the very tall white building.

This went on for a while the screaming only 2 different times I heard a man then a woman say something to the screaming woman. Every time I heard her scream I would look interesting that there were loads of people out some walking their dogs and I gotta say I did not see anybody look to see WTF was happening. It seemed that it was only me looking to see if I needed to call the cops.

Speaking of the stupid cops one car did show up light on no siren & the car pulled into the parking lot across the street made a U-turn after staying there for only a few seconds. So much for me thinking someone actually did call the idiot cops not sure if they were there for her.

When DJ got in the car I told him what had happened. He had that WTF look on his face.

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