Where's My Pie? by Mystic Angel
October 2018
2A Gift & Pie .... Oh My....
3Put A Fork In The Relationship
12Full Interview: Lady Gaga Talks To Stephen Colbert
13A Little Surprise
14Our Wedding Anniversary
17Abled Body ASSHATS!
19I Heart Dog & Cats
26So There Are Nice People
28I Don't Know
Put A Fork In The Relationship
October 3, 2018

I really do hope it is truly over good gravy he has been once again in a truly unhealthy relationship with that bitch. Nope I never liked her there was always something there for me, but he is an adult so as always I am here for him no matter what.

I am glad he is done with even trying to be her friend. She has made her choice to stay with her abuser "BF" may she not end up dead by his hands. How the hell did she go back to a man who stalked her for so many years. He even got her a job not that he did it to be nice it is just another way to keep tabs on her, and soon he will separate from her entire family. She is drinking herself to the point where she is so out of it that he ..... I can not even write it out.

All I am gonna say is that I am glad you have walked finally the fuck away from her. She is a POS & this I knew it from the very start. You would have never been happy with her like dude you never truly really were meh maybe when she was on her meds. Let me add here she also stole that money the fucking bitch .... Karma has to have her name on it's list that little bitch deserves everything she gets.

Now I hope you take time for you to heal self care & move on with your life.
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