Today is September 18, 2018
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July 9, 2018

yesterday .. daughter and i went to see jurassic world.. i had seen it but she didn't have anyone to go with and i enjoyed it as much as the first time..

then her and i went to lunch and it was so nice.. just the two of us.. i go to lunch with her alot but she has to get back to work .. so this was pretty laid back..

I am so very proud of her.. she is such a strong person.. i admire that in her..

then later in the evening she called LOL she said she was selling her house and moving .. i laughed and asked why.. she said there was a spider in her bed.. and she can't find it.. she changed her sheets which she had just done the day before LOL she is just like her mother LOL LOL

husband and i have been finishing off the evening.. with a chopped episode..

all in all .. another good day...
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