Today is August 18, 2018
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Next Chapter in the Book of LIfe by Tigerink
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July 15, 2018

we stayed up till 2 am last night.. way too late LOL for us old people.. husband is searching for a tractor and i was in search of fabric lights and such..

I found the most perfect fabric.. i wanted something for the bathroom that was colorful.. not campy .. not old people looking .. this is perfect.. when i showed husband he said " I DON"T LIKE IT" well i said as i laughed.. "don't care it is what i am going to use if i want" so a sample is on it's way..

went over to my neighbors .. she is still in the nursing home.. rehab.. but she won't work at it at all .. she just sits in her wheelchair and whines.. I think and so does everyone else it seems.. that she is playing up all the fussing over her she is getting..

well her daughter is at it again on a assisted living.. it won't do them any good.. assisted living does not help you if you fall.. they call an ambulance.. all you get is food..but you have to get to the dinning room or for a fee they will deliever it but it is what they want you to eat .. this place is over an hour away from all her family ... they do your laundry and change your sheets but she has that now.. there is nothing she is going to gain on living in a small place except the two of them will irratate each other...

I am really angry.. her daughter is a bitch

late this afternoon...

LOL HIS daughter has been texting HER daughter.. and after some heated exchanges .. HER daughter said I AM DONE.. getting my deposit back from the assiste4d living place LOL LOL soooo maybe this drama is over..

lets hope so

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