Today is August 17, 2018
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Next Chapter in the Book of LIfe by Tigerink
August 2018

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up and down kinda day
August 9, 2018

went to Hobby Lobby with a girlfriend.. i have never been there.. i didn't buy anything.. but they have the glass drops i use in some of my projects so it is good to know that..

then we went to ulta and i was not impressed.. it is a brand new store.. but they did not carry as much as what sephora carries.

had lunch

came home... daughter called her boss had a major meltdown over two of the employees.. he threw his water bottle across the room and was swearing.. it startled her.. she shares an office with him.. i told her if he ever .. and she stopped me and said.. "if he ever got that way with me i would leave.. drive to the main store and tell his boss " whew kk..

she dyed her hair pink.. it is really cute.. they don't mind at all.. she has been blue, purple and now pink..

husband and i were in the family room late afternoon and BANG.. something hit the window hard.. it was a duck.. it broke my heart.. it was starting to pour rain so i scooped him up and put him on a towel.. out of the sun and rain.. i knew he was not going to make it.. and he didn't .. i don't know why he hit the window.. it is on the deck and we have no water around us.. it was not a large one.. i suspect it was old enough to fly but still a baby .. i hate that..

when i got the mail.. the new neighbor stopped in her car.. very nice.. she is young as i was when we first moved in .. she said they raise cows for food and pigs.. i could never do that.. but to each his own.. but what was sooo funny.. the people who are next to them.. next to the pasture.. ( previous owners had horses) they didn't like the smell of the horses.. wait till they find out about cows and pigs LOL LOL LOL i really don't care for them all that much.. he is kinda a butt head as far as i am concerned.. so it just makes me laugh.. i was surprised that they can have cows and pigs in this neighborhood.. but i assume they check the bilaws..

went to bed early.. i was tired..

i have chicken cooking .. i am making pf chang lettuce wraps.. i like to have it on hand so if i am hungry i can reheat quickly..

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