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book notes by siri
April 2012
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6married to bhutan by linda leaming
19accept this gift notes
22some assembly required by anne & sam lamott

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accept this gift notes
April 19, 2012

today's page from Accept this Gift, Selections from A Course in Miracles...

Perception april 19

the theme of the day's page is perception. how appropriate as the last two days this has been what i've been so keenly aware of and contemplating..

"you have no conception of the limits
you have placed on your perception,
and no idea of all the loveliness you could see."

april 20, dreams&illusions

your sleeping and your waking dreams
have different forms, and that is all.

like the deepest teachings of the great religion, the Course emphasizes that what we call "reality" is also a dream--a dream from which we have not yet awakened and hence do not recognize.

do not forget that your will has power
over all fantasies and dreams
trust it to see you through
and carry you beyond them all.

let not some dreams be more acceptable,
reserving shame and secrecy for others.
they are one. and being one,
one question should be asked of all of them,
"is this what i would have,
in place of heaven and the peace of god?"
this is the choice you make.
be not deceived that it is otherwise.
no compromise is possible in this.
you choose god's peace,
or you have asked for dreams.

the end of dreaming is the end of fear.

now i see that i need only truth.
in that all needs are satisfied
all cravings end
all hopes are finally fulfilled
and dreams are gone.
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